By salmacis (60 Items)

1950s cash register deviOther550 credits
Car hop menu stand(devi)Other600 credits
Diner deriveableFurniture Rooms1000 credits
Diner stool 1 deriveableSeating500 credits
Stardust drive in movieFurniture Rooms1000 credits
malt shop booth 2Seating600 credits
malt shop booth 1Seating600 credits
Malt shopFurniture Rooms1409 credits
DJ club (deriveable)Furniture Rooms1000 credits
A3 pacificOther750 credits
Swing band deriveableOther650 credits
dance hallFurniture Rooms1400 credits
Old Tea RoomFurniture Rooms1350 credits
G.W.R.64xxOther750 credits
Lagmoor junction stationFurniture Rooms1500 credits
GWR 12ton box van grayOther600 credits
10 ton hybar wagonOther600 credits
GWR 10 ton open wagonOther600 credits
G.W.R. Toad brake van.Other650 credits
G.W.R. large prairieOther750 credits
railway cutting deriveFurniture Rooms800 credits
G.W.R. 2nd open (derive)Other650 credits
G.W.R. dining car deriveOther650 credits
G.W.R. 1st class deriveOther650 credits
G.W.R. sleeper car derivOther650 credits
G.W.R. 1stcbc deriveableOther650 credits
G.W.R. Castle deriveableOther750 credits
bed fitment poseless derBeds750 credits
3 bedroom bungalow (der)Furniture Rooms1000 credits
kitchen 7 deriveableOther750 credits
kitchen 6 deriveableOther750 credits
Kitchen 5 deriveableOther650 credits
Saloon door (deriveable)Decor525 credits
6 gun sallys saloon(dev)Furniture Rooms900 credits
Sixgun sals saloon(der)Furniture Rooms900 credits
2 bedroom flat (derive)Furniture Rooms800 credits
high chair and table pcSeating1175 credits
High chairs and tableSeating525 credits
Titanic roses suite fFurniture Rooms1050 credits
Titanic, promanade suiteFurniture Rooms800 credits
Allinone pic room deriveFurniture Rooms800 credits
Officers club ballroomFurniture Rooms2300 credits
Mystic Glade deriveableFurniture Rooms800 credits
Warrior IFV (Deriveable)Other775 credits
Little loft (deriveable)Furniture Rooms800 credits
Dangerzone [deriveable]Furniture Rooms1800 credits
Range 3 deriveableFurniture Rooms900 credits
Work bench and toolsOther525 credits
work benchOther475 credits
Loft 2 deriveableFurniture Rooms900 credits
Little loft deriveableFurniture Rooms800 credits
Bamboo lake hutOther775 credits
DJ nestOther775 credits
The powerhouse clubFurniture Rooms1400 credits
Pistol club (deriveable)Furniture Rooms900 credits
Rifle and pistol rangeFurniture Rooms1050 credits
Corporate officeFurniture Rooms800 credits
Reception deskOther675 credits
Stone cabin deriveableFurniture Rooms800 credits
Derivable hotel suiteFurniture Rooms800 credits