Seating > By Spirit (18 Items)

*S* No Pose Sofa375 credits
*S* No Pose Chair375 credits
*S* Snuggle Chair425 credits
*S* Snuggle Sofa425 credits
*S* C Shape Sofa375 credits
*S* Lounge Seating425 credits
*S* Cuddly chair425 credits
PM Balcony seats525 credits
*S* Elegant Suite500 credits
*S* Rounded sofa375 credits
*S* happy hippo375 credits
GM *S* Sofa set570 credits
*S* Stack of something500 credits
*S* S shape chair550 credits
*S* RETRO sofa and table550 credits
*S* Barrel seats500 credits
*S* Club style sofa550 credits
*S* Modern couch450 credits