Female Accessories > By LovedWarrior (98 Items)

butterflies attachment474 credits
Particle Jacket for club604 credits
Spiders attachment624 credits
Sparkle Skirt604 credits
Cherokee rose belt454 credits
Cherokee rose crown454 credits
Cherokee rose R far454 credits
Cherokee rose right454 credits
bleeding hearts choker454 credits
BleedingHearts earring454 credits
bleeding hearts crown454 credits
Cherokee Rose Left Far454 credits
Cherokee Rose Left454 credits
Lotus hairflower R far424 credits
Lotus hairflower L far454 credits
Lotus necklace454 credits
lotus earrings far454 credits
Lotus earrings big454 credits
Lotus necklace w/ leaf454 credits
Lotus hair flowers L R454 credits
Lotus hair flowers R424 credits
Lotus hair flower L454 credits
Lotus Brooch454 credits
Lotus jewelry set474 credits
Lotus earrings + choker474 credits
Lotus necklace / choker454 credits
Lotus Earrings454 credits
Lotus bud earrings454 credits
Pansy bangle left454 credits
Pansy bangle right454 credits
Pansy jewelry set474 credits
Pansy Earrings + Choker464 credits
Pansy Earrings454 credits
Pansy hair flower Right454 credits
3 pansy hair flowers454 credits
pansy necklace454 credits
hair bow and lily454 credits
lotus earrings454 credits
Hair bow 2364 credits
floral choker454 credits
Earrings + Choker479 credits
Primrose + Choker484 credits
forgetmenot 2 layers big474 credits
forgetmenot 2 layers474 credits
forgetmenot + leaf474 credits
Petal Earrings474 credits
Leaf earrings 2474 credits
Leaf earrings 1474 credits
2 forgetmenot flowers474 credits
2 rose earrings474 credits
rose + diamonds bigger474 credits
rose earring + diamonds474 credits
floral earrings L/R464 credits
primrose big right454 credits
primroses hairflower424 credits
Lily add on both sides413 credits
Rose Brooch R2 - Cloting434 credits
Wrist Corsage Left454 credits
Roses on Right Hip454 credits
Wrist Corsage 2 R454 credits
BustLine Roses454 credits
wrist corsage 1454 credits
3 Rose Brooch R454 credits
3 Roses Brooch454 credits
Rose Brooch Right 2454 credits
Rose Brooch Left5454 credits
Rose for Left Collar454 credits
1 Lily Brooch L454 credits
2 Buds 1 Rose Brooch L524 credits
LW- Anklet Right524 credits
LW- Anklet Left524 credits
LW - Lily Anklet Small424 credits
LW- Lily Double Brclt R524 credits
LW- Crown of Roses Half504 credits
LW- Crown of Roses Lower484 credits
LW - Crown of Roses High484 credits
LW- 2 Roses L far474 credits
LW- 1 Rose Right Far474 credits
LW- 1 Rose Left far474 credits
LW- 1 Rose L Close474 credits
LW - 1 Rose Front Right484 credits
LW- 2 Roses Right F474 credits
LW- 2 Roses Both Sides C474 credits
LW- 2 Roses Both Sides F504 credits
LW- 3 Roses R Far474 credits
LW 3 Roses R Close474 credits
LW- 3 Roses L Far474 credits
LW- 3 Roses Left474 credits
LW - 3 Roses Both Sides554 credits
LW - 3 Roses Both Sides554 credits
LW-Hair Rose Right576 credits
LW - Hair Rose Left576 credits
Snapdragons 3 colors500 credits
Gerbera Daisy Choker1500 credits
Cane 1 pose500 credits
Hair Flower Daisy 2400 credits
PassiFlora Hair Flower1450 credits
PinkDaisy Hair Flower1375 credits