By LovedWarrior (301 Items)

SeaPensDecor500 credits
Sun CoralsOther500 credits
Mushroom Corals 2Other500 credits
Mushroom Corals 1Other500 credits
Toadstool Corals 2Other500 credits
Toadstool corals 1Decor500 credits
Open Brain CoralsDecor500 credits
Closed Brain CoralsDecor500 credits
Brain CoralsDecor500 credits
butterflies attachmentFemale Accessories474 credits
Lotus Chair for Dance 02Seating500 credits
Lotus DanceFloor TriggerDecor460 credits
Lotus dance FloorDecor450 credits
Huge Lotus Dance FloorOther450 credits
Particles + CherokeeRoseDecor580 credits
Particle Jacket for clubFemale Accessories604 credits
Spiders attachmentFemale Accessories624 credits
Sparkle SkirtFemale Accessories604 credits
Burning Rave LotusOther480 credits
Cherokee rose beltFemale Accessories454 credits
Cherokee rose crownFemale Accessories454 credits
Cherokee rose R farFemale Accessories454 credits
Cherokee rose rightFemale Accessories454 credits
bleeding hearts chokerFemale Accessories454 credits
BleedingHearts earringFemale Accessories454 credits
bleeding hearts crownFemale Accessories454 credits
Cherokee Rose Left FarFemale Accessories454 credits
Cherokee Rose LeftFemale Accessories454 credits
Huge Lotus budOther460 credits
Huge open lotusOther480 credits
huge lotusDecor460 credits
Lotus hairflower R farFemale Accessories424 credits
Lotus hairflower L farFemale Accessories454 credits
Gazebo DerivableOther480 credits
Lotus necklaceFemale Accessories454 credits
lotus earrings farFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus earrings bigFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus necklace w/ leafFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus hair flowers L RFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus hair flowers RFemale Accessories424 credits
Lotus hair flower LFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus BroochFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus jewelry setFemale Accessories474 credits
Lotus earrings + chokerFemale Accessories474 credits
Lotus necklace / chokerFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus EarringsFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus bud earringsFemale Accessories454 credits
Lotus flowerOther454 credits
Pansy bangle leftFemale Accessories454 credits
Pansy bangle rightFemale Accessories454 credits
Pansy jewelry setFemale Accessories474 credits
Pansy Earrings + ChokerFemale Accessories464 credits
Pansy EarringsFemale Accessories454 credits
Pansy hair flower RightFemale Accessories454 credits
3 pansy hair flowersFemale Accessories454 credits
pansy necklaceFemale Accessories454 credits
Pansy pottedOther500 credits
hair bow and lilyFemale Accessories454 credits
lotus earringsFemale Accessories454 credits
Hair bow 2Female Accessories364 credits
tree 03Other100360 credits
floral chokerFemale Accessories454 credits
Earrings + ChokerFemale Accessories479 credits
Primrose + ChokerFemale Accessories484 credits
forgetmenot 2 layers bigFemale Accessories474 credits
forgetmenot 2 layersFemale Accessories474 credits
forgetmenot + leafFemale Accessories474 credits
Petal EarringsFemale Accessories474 credits
Leaf earrings 2Female Accessories474 credits
Leaf earrings 1Female Accessories474 credits
2 forgetmenot flowersFemale Accessories474 credits
2 rose earringsFemale Accessories474 credits
rose + diamonds biggerFemale Accessories474 credits
rose earring + diamondsFemale Accessories474 credits
floral earrings L/RFemale Accessories464 credits
primrose big rightFemale Accessories454 credits
primroses hairflowerFemale Accessories424 credits
BOOTS WITH FRILLS 3Female Shoes463 credits
Lily add on both sidesFemale Accessories413 credits
boots + lilies sidesFemale Shoes463 credits
boots + lilies frontFemale Shoes463 credits
boots + lilies backFemale Shoes463 credits
boots and roses - leftFemale Shoes463 credits
boots and rosesFemale Shoes463 credits
boots and rose - rightFemale Shoes463 credits
boots and rosesFemale Shoes463 credits
boots with rosesFemale Shoes463 credits
boots + 3 roses leftFemale Shoes463 credits
daisies back both sideFemale Shoes454 credits
ankle boots 3 daisies LFemale Shoes454 credits
ankle boots 3 daisies RFemale Shoes454 credits
ankle boots daisy rightFemale Shoes453 credits
ankle boots with daisy LFemale Shoes453 credits
ankle boots templatedFemale Shoes453 credits
mistletoeFurniture Rooms548 credits
derivable calla lilyFurniture Rooms527 credits
lavatera in vase potFurniture Rooms576 credits
derivable vaseDecor430 credits
derivable vaseDecor430 credits
derivable vaseDecor430 credits
derivable vaseDecor430 credits
top turtleneckFemale Tops411 credits
large loose flat topFemale Tops454 credits
flat chest top longFemale Tops454 credits
Flat Chest female topFemale Tops411 credits
Derivable Casual topFemale Tops454 credits
Sectional Sofa MiddleTables490 credits
Delique wooden tableTables490 credits
Round Wooden TableTables490 credits
Rustic tableTables540 credits
LW- Long Flat SkirtFemale Bottoms474 credits
LW Double layered SkirtFemale Bottoms454 credits
LW - Pleated Long SkirtFemale Bottoms474 credits
Rose Brooch R2 - ClotingFemale Accessories434 credits
Rose Brooch - ClothingFemale Tops434 credits
Wrist Corsage LeftFemale Accessories454 credits
Roses on Right HipFemale Accessories454 credits
Wrist Corsage 2 RFemale Accessories454 credits
BustLine RosesFemale Accessories454 credits
wrist corsage 1Female Accessories454 credits
3 Rose Brooch RFemale Accessories454 credits
3 Roses BroochFemale Accessories454 credits
Rose Brooch Right 2Female Accessories454 credits
Rose Brooch Left5Female Accessories454 credits
Rose for Left CollarFemale Accessories454 credits
1 Lily Brooch LFemale Accessories454 credits
2 Buds 1 Rose Brooch LFemale Accessories524 credits
LW- Anklet RightFemale Accessories524 credits
LW- Anklet LeftFemale Accessories524 credits
LW - Lily Anklet SmallFemale Accessories424 credits
LW- Lily Double Brclt RFemale Accessories524 credits
LW- Boyish hairFemale Short Hair424 credits
LW - Hair Base 5Female Bases414 credits
LW- Hair Base 4Female Bases414 credits
LW- Hair Base 2Female Bases414 credits
LW- Hair Base 3Female Bases414 credits
LW- Boyish Hair 2Female Short Hair414 credits
LW- Double Layered Hair6Female Short Hair424 credits
LW- Double Layered hair5Female Short Hair424 credits
LW- Double Layered Hair4Female Short Hair424 credits
LW- Double Layered ShortFemale Short Hair424 credits
LW - 2 Layers H (exact2)Female Long Hair424 credits
LW- 3 Layers HairFemale Long Hair424 credits
LW- 2 Layers HairFemale Long Hair424 credits
LW- Hair Base no BangsFemale Bases364 credits
LW- Crown of Roses HalfFemale Accessories504 credits
LW- Crown of Roses LowerFemale Accessories484 credits
LW - Crown of Roses HighFemale Accessories484 credits
LW- 2 Roses L farFemale Accessories474 credits
LW- 1 Rose Right FarFemale Accessories474 credits
LW- 1 Rose Left farFemale Accessories474 credits
LW- 1 Rose L CloseFemale Accessories474 credits
LW - 1 Rose Front RightFemale Accessories484 credits
LW- 2 Roses Right FFemale Accessories474 credits
LW- 2 Roses Both Sides CFemale Accessories474 credits
LW- 2 Roses Both Sides FFemale Accessories504 credits
LW- 3 Roses R FarFemale Accessories474 credits
LW 3 Roses R CloseFemale Accessories474 credits
LW- 3 Roses L FarFemale Accessories474 credits
LW- 3 Roses LeftFemale Accessories474 credits
LW - 3 Roses Both SidesFemale Accessories554 credits
LW - 3 Roses Both SidesFemale Accessories554 credits
LW TwinTails Rose CrownFemale Long Hair554 credits
LW- Half Crown & HairFemale Long Hair544 credits
LW- Curly Pony 2 Roses LFemale Long Hair534 credits
LW- Twin Tails 4 RosesFemale Long Hair524 credits
LW- Twin Tails 2 Roses RFemale Long Hair524 credits
LW- Twin Tails 6 RosesFemale Long Hair524 credits
LW- Long Curly TwinTailsFemale Long Hair514 credits
LW - Pony 2 Top RosesFemale Long Hair514 credits
LW - Curly Pony 1 Rose LFemale Long Hair504 credits
LW - Pony diff templateFemale Long Hair504 credits
LW - Curled bottomFemale Long Hair404 credits
LW - Hippy Hat and HairFemale Other404 credits
LW - Any Style Hair 7Female Other404 credits
LW - Any Style Hair 8Female Other404 credits
LW - Hair & BeretFemale Other404 credits
LW - Any Style Hair 5Female Other404 credits
LW - Tomboy Hat & HairFemale Other404 credits
LW - Any Style Hair 3Female Other404 credits
LW - Any Style Hair 2Female Other404 credits
LW - Any Style Hair 1Female Other404 credits
LW - Curly TomboyFemale Other504 credits
LW- Curly Cutie w 3RosesFemale Long Hair603 credits
LW- Curly Medium w RosesFemale Medium Hair603 credits
LW - Short Curl w/ RosesFemale Short Hair603 credits
LW- Curly Short w/ RosesFemale Short Hair703 credits
LW- Cleopatra w/ Roses 2Female Medium Hair703 credits
LW - Blonde CutieFemale Medium Hair604 credits
LW - Lilies and HairFemale Medium Hair603 credits
LW - Roses in BoxesDecor620 credits
LW - Rose Bush in Cup2Decor540 credits
LW - Rose Bush in CupDecor545 credits
LW - Rose in Coffee CupDecor600 credits
LW - Rose Bush in Vase 2Decor545 credits
LW - Roses in VaseDecor545 credits
LW - Rose Bushes in EggsDecor550 credits
LW - Rose Bush in EggDecor550 credits
LW - 2 Rose Bushes inPotDecor650 credits
LW - 3 Rose BushesDecor570 credits
LW - Small Rose BushDecor550 credits
LW - Rose Bush in PotDecor550 credits
LW - Rose Bush in StoneDecor570 credits
LW - LILY FAMILYDecor550 credits
LW - Last FlowersDecor675 credits
LW - Huge Rose BushDecor675 credits
LW - Roses and LiliesDecor525 credits
LW - 5 Headed LilyDecor425 credits
LW - 4 Headed LilyDecor450 credits
LW - Circular LiliesDecor475 credits
LW - LiliesDecor425 credits
LW - 7 Roses in PotDecor575 credits
LW - Beans BagSeating475 credits
LW - Wood Pot with SoilDecor350 credits
9 RosesDecor675 credits
5 REAL3D FLOWERS 1 STANDDecor845 credits
New Baggies in IMVU maleMale Bottoms575 credits
NEW BAGGIES IN IMVUFemale Bodysuits/Dresses576 credits
LW - Dressing table andTables675 credits
LW-Lilies (Derivable)Decor525 credits
3 Animated TreasuresOther454 credits
LW - Love Roses in BushDecor1182 credits
LW - Pot of Love RosesDecor925 credits
LW- 3 Roses in VaseDecor575 credits
LW-Glass Rose in VaseDecor575 credits
LW-Hair Rose RightFemale Accessories576 credits
LW - Hair Rose LeftFemale Accessories576 credits
LW - 2 kinds of rosesDecor475 credits
LW - Animated War TankOther675 credits
LW Animated Helicopter 1Other673 credits
LW Tranzmorpher MaleMale Bodysuits/Dresses675 credits
LW - FOUNTAIN CANONOther675 credits
LW Fountain CanonDecor475 credits
LW Tranzmorpher FemaleFemale Bodysuits/Dresses676 credits
LW Soil, panels, 2 spotsDecor325 credits
LW - Palm Tree 2 spotsDecor375 credits
LW - 3 Lily BunchesDecor425 credits
LW - 4 Calla LiliesDecor425 credits
LW - 5 Star FlowersDecor425 credits
LW - 13 Tropical PlantsDecor454 credits
LW - 12 Primroses FlowerDecor454 credits
LW - 12 Lotus FlowersDecor454 credits
LW - Plumeria RedDecor500 credits
LW - Tropical PlantDecor500 credits
LW - Huge Tropical PlantDecor500 credits
LW - Fan PalmDecor500 credits
LW Tropical AlocasiaPolyDecor500 credits
LW - Tropical Alocasia 1Decor500 credits
LW - MorningGlory IvyDecor455 credits
LW - Lavatera BushDecor445 credits
{LW} Clematis BushDecor409 credits
{LW} Clematis ViticellaDecor430 credits
{LW} StarPotted PrimroseDecor425 credits
{LW} Male eyes body suitMale Bodysuits/Dresses364 credits
{LW} SkullyEye InvisibleMale Bodysuits/Dresses525 credits
{LW} Iced MistletoeDecor425 credits
{LW} African Violets 2Decor695 credits
{LW} RASPBERRIESDecor415 credits
feet socks shoes slipperFemale Shoes400 credits
Waist Breast Feet 6 in 1Female Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Flowring Ivy 2 Spots (1)Decor450 credits
feet socks pedicureFemale Shoes400 credits
Thin Waist Big BreastsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses380 credits
new eyebrows meshFemale Heads350 credits
Snapdragons 3 colorsFemale Accessories500 credits
Gerbera Daisy Choker1Female Accessories500 credits
Cane 1 poseMale Accessories500 credits
Cane 1 poseFemale Accessories500 credits
Topiary of OrangesDecor466 credits
Hair Flower Daisy 2Female Accessories400 credits
PassiFlora Hair Flower1Female Accessories450 credits
PinkDaisy Hair Flower1Female Accessories375 credits
Tulips Daffodils PlanterDecor350 credits
WhiteRoom Land SkyFurniture Rooms425 credits
Passion Flower RedDecor600 credits
Banana Tree 4 SpotsDecor425 credits
Orange TreeDecor425 credits
ChessPawn 18 SpotsDecor520 credits
Daisy Red Blue PurpleDecor540 credits
White DaisyDecor450 credits
Yellow Daffodils in SoilDecor550 credits
Tree Trunk 18 Spots 2 FlDecor700 credits
Glass Roof CabinFurniture Rooms650 credits
Sword of the Porphets 2Decor400 credits
Red Tulips 2 PixisSeating400 credits
Pixi FLower TableTables400 credits
Flaming Lily ChairSeating350 credits
Flaming LilyDecor450 credits
3 Yellow TulipsOther470 credits
1 Red TulipOther400 credits
3 DaffodilsOther380 credits
Blue DaffodilsOther400 credits
Crawling Morning GloryOther400 credits
Crawling Morning GloryDecor400 credits
Climbing Morning GloryOther450 credits
Exquisite AfricanVioletsOther570 credits
Symphony of DaffodilsOther570 credits
Artichoke PlantOther395 credits
Pink Narcissus PottedOther420 credits
Sexy Plant!Other800 credits