By KittenKat (262 Items)

Chicken CostumeFemale Other363 credits
Any Length/Shape BootsFemale Shoes426 credits
3D Any Shape Tiara/CrownFemale Accessories377 credits
Animated GiftOther400 credits
Fur-Lined Flare PantsFemale Bottoms376 credits
Derivable CoatFemale Tops376 credits
MCGG Babydoll TopFemale Tops376 credits
MCGG Babydoll DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses376 credits
Lolita Corset DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses476 credits
Sweet Gwen HairFemale Updos375 credits
Lolita Dress (sm chest)Female Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Teddy Bear (Furniture)Decor425 credits
Parasol with PosesUnisex Accessories376 credits
Derivable Book [F]Female Accessories350 credits
Derivable Book [M]Male Accessories350 credits
MCGG Simple StraplessFemale Bodysuits/Dresses376 credits
MCGG Cap Sleeve Dress EZFemale Bodysuits/Dresses376 credits
MCGG Simple SundressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses376 credits
EZ Top MaleMale Tops350 credits
Chelsea Über Hippy FlareFemale Bodysuits/Dresses451 credits
Chelsea Über Hippy DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses451 credits
Britney Über DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses451 credits
Pamela Über DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses451 credits
Dolly Über DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses451 credits
Chelsea Über FlaresFemale Bodysuits/Dresses451 credits
Chelsea Über DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses451 credits
Geiko HairFemale Updos375 credits
ZoriFemale Shoes376 credits
HakamaFemale Bodysuits/Dresses426 credits
Roxy Bodyshape +FlaresFemale Bodysuits/Dresses426 credits
Roxy BodyshapeFemale Bodysuits/Dresses426 credits
LG Flares Bodysuit/DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses476 credits
LG EZ CorsetFemale Tops451 credits
LG Corset TopFemale Tops451 credits
LG Corset 3 Skirt DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses476 credits
LG Corset Fit n FlareFemale Bodysuits/Dresses476 credits
AL Spike Boots +StockingFemale Shoes426 credits
LG Flare PantsFemale Bottoms451 credits
LG Fit n' Flare DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses476 credits
Sequin Holiday HatUnisex Accessories277 credits
LG Lolita TopFemale Tops476 credits
LG Basic ShortsFemale Bottoms423 credits
Lolita-Style Dress (M)Male Bodysuits/Dresses377 credits
LG Lolita DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Fit n Flare DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Fit n Flare GownFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
LG Any Length Wedge BootFemale Shoes450 credits
LG Extra Long TopFemale Tops423 credits
LG 3 Skirt DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
LG Straight SkirtFemale Bottoms450 credits
LG Straight Pant SuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Skinny Minnie BodysuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Small Chest Dress +flareFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Small Chested DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Cinched Gothic TopFemale Tops400 credits
Slightly Cinched DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Curvacious Doll AvatarOther1050 credits
Doll Face AvatarOther550 credits
LG NecklaceFemale Accessories400 credits
LG Straight PantsFemale Bottoms450 credits
LG Gothic Top (Busty)Female Tops400 credits
LG Gothic Goddess TopFemale Tops400 credits
LG Any Length Spike HeelFemale Shoes450 credits
LG Any Length PlatformsFemale Shoes450 credits
Heart Shaped GlassesFemale Accessories350 credits
Detailed Hand DerivableFemale Gloves350 credits
AnyLength Wedge Boot (M)Male Shoes400 credits
AnyLength Spike Heel (M)Male Shoes400 credits
Any Length High Plat (M)Male Shoes400 credits
Any Length Wedge BootsFemale Shoes400 credits
Any Length Spike HeelsFemale Shoes400 credits
Any Length High PlatformFemale Shoes400 credits
Corset Dress (Short)Female Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Any Length Platforms (M)Male Shoes400 credits
Any Length PlatformsFemale Shoes400 credits
Corset Dress (+boots)Female Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Corset Dress (+flares)Female Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Corset DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Any Length Hair v2 ShortFemale Long Hair410 credits
Gothic Top (extra long)Male Tops400 credits
Pants w Boots (+ Skirt)Male Bottoms400 credits
Male Skirt (+ Flares)Male Bottoms350 credits
Any Length Boots (v3)Female Shoes400 credits
Any Length Boots (Male)Male Shoes400 credits
Gothic Gown (M) +bootsMale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Gothic Gown (M) +CalfMale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Gothic Gown (Male)Male Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Wings + Flying AnimationUnisex Accessories350 credits
Fishtail Dress +Glv +BtsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Add-On Peasant SleevesFemale Accessories450 credits
Dress with Wings (+boot)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Dress with WingsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
E.Z. Scoop TopFemale Tops325 credits
E.Z. TopFemale Tops325 credits
Folding Angel/Bird WingsMale Accessories500 credits
Folding Dragon WingsMale Accessories500 credits
Ladies MustacheFemale Accessories350 credits
Butterfly Nose Pet (M)Pet350 credits
Butterfly Nose Pet (F)Pet350 credits
KimonoFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Improved Head 4Female Heads450 credits
Asian Jen HeadFemale Heads450 credits
Fishtail Dress +BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Fishtail DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Fishtail SkirtFemale Bottoms400 credits
No Mouth HeadFemale Heads450 credits
Hippy Fur Dress +BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Hippy Fur-Lined DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Hippy Tight Dress +BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Tight Hippy Dress v2Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Genie Pants w/ SkirtFemale Bottoms350 credits
Hippy Full SkirtFemale Bottoms400 credits
Hippy Tight Skirt v2Female Bottoms415 credits
Hippy PelvisFemale Bottoms375 credits
Tight Hippy DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Extra Long Top (Hippy)Female Tops400 credits
Hippy Tight SkirtFemale Bottoms415 credits
Fur-Lined BootsFemale Shoes400 credits
Fur-Lined SkirtFemale Bottoms400 credits
Fur-Lined TopFemale Tops385 credits
Fur-Lined GownFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Fur-Lined Gown +FlaresFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Fur-Lined Dress +Glv/BtFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Fur-Lined Gown +BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses415 credits
Dress: Bell/Tight/BootFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Dress: Bell/TightFemale Bodysuits/Dresses445 credits
Dress: Empire/Tight/BootFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Dress: Empire/TightFemale Bodysuits/Dresses445 credits
Tight Dress Boots/GlovesFemale Bodysuits/Dresses445 credits
Pregnant Suit Flare BootFemale Bodysuits/Dresses435 credits
Pregnant Bodysuit FlaresFemale Bodysuits/Dresses430 credits
Pregnant Bodysuit/DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
No Ears: Head 4Female Heads450 credits
Hair RollersFemale Other350 credits
Bell Skirt Vers + BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Bell Skirt VersatilityFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Bell Skirt DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Bell Skirt Dress + BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Bell SkirtFemale Bottoms400 credits
Zentai SuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses325 credits
Kathryn HeadFemale Heads450 credits
EmuPet450 credits
Any Length Boots FlatMale Shoes350 credits
LlamaPet450 credits
Anime HeadFemale Heads450 credits
Tight Dress Pamela B/FFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Tight Dress Britney BootFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Tight Dress BritneyFemale Bodysuits/Dresses440 credits
Tight Vers. Dress FlaresFemale Bodysuits/Dresses430 credits
Tight Skirt plus FlaresFemale Bottoms415 credits
Candi HeadFemale Heads450 credits
Nevaeh HeadFemale Heads450 credits
Funny Face HeadFemale Heads450 credits
Derv Starlet (No Smile)Female Heads450 credits
Derv DollFace (No Smile)Female Heads450 credits
Derivable DollFace (Sm)Female Heads450 credits
Derivable DollFace (Reg)Female Heads450 credits
Derivable Starlet (Sm)Female Heads450 credits
Derivable Starlet (Reg)Female Heads450 credits
Adorable PuppyPet450 credits
Tight Dress +Flares+BootFemale Bodysuits/Dresses445 credits
Man from the FutureMale Bodysuits/Dresses259 credits
Tight Vers. Dress w BootFemale Bodysuits/Dresses445 credits
Tight Versatility DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses430 credits
Tight Dress with FlaresFemale Bodysuits/Dresses430 credits
Tight Dress with BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses445 credits
Tight DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses430 credits
Tight SkirtFemale Bottoms415 credits
Super Goddess (No Boots)Female Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Flare Pants with BootsFemale Bottoms400 credits
Hippy Flares BodysuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Super Goddess BodysuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
The ChelseaFemale Tops400 credits
GG Top with GlovesFemale Tops400 credits
Fish HeadOther Heads450 credits
DreadsFemale Long Hair400 credits
Renaissance Gown (boots)Female Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Renaissance GoddessFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Elf Shoes (M)Male Shoes400 credits
Cloak (Male)Male Accessories400 credits
CloakFemale Accessories400 credits
Hippy FlaresFemale Bottoms400 credits
Flare PantsFemale Bottoms400 credits
Gothic Gown (no shoes)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Bodysuit with GlovesFemale Bodysuits/Dresses300 credits
Egyptian HeaddressFemale Accessories400 credits
Gothic Glamour FlaresFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Gothic Gown (No Gloves)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Gypsy Goddess GownFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Elf ShoesFemale Shoes400 credits
Any Length GlovesFemale Gloves400 credits
Pleasantly Plump BodyFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Any Length Hair (Male)Male Long410 credits
Teddy BearMale Accessories400 credits
Teddy BearFemale Accessories400 credits
Faerie Body (Male)Male Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Faerie Body (with boots)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Layerable SkirtFemale Bottoms400 credits
Gothic Goddess GownFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Gothic Goddess TopFemale Tops400 credits
Skirt with PantsFemale Bottoms400 credits
Dress (with boots)Female Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Britney: DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Full Length SkirtFemale Bottoms400 credits
Britney: Bodysuit(boots)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Britney: Bodysuit (Legs)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Britney: BodysuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Britney: Enhanced TopFemale Tops400 credits
Faerie BodyFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Any Length Hair v2Female Long Hair410 credits
Any Length Boots (v2)Female Shoes400 credits
Armless TopFemale Other400 credits
Bodysuit w Boots (Hands)Female Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Bodysuit with BootsFemale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Bodysuit with Small FeetFemale Bodysuits/Dresses325 credits
Tranquil FallsLocked Rooms1800 credits
Layerable StockingsFemale Accessories400 credits
Legwarmer (Left)Female Accessories350 credits
Legwarmer (Right)Female Accessories350 credits
Pamela: Bodysuit (boots)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Any Length BootsFemale Shoes400 credits
E.Z. Tee [Front n Back]Female Tops325 credits
E.Z. Tee [Long Sleeves]Female Tops325 credits
Derivable Smooth FeetFemale Shoes350 credits
Dolly: Bodysuit (feet)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Dolly: Bodysuit (legs)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Dolly: BodysuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Pamela: BodysuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Pamela: Bodysuit (legs)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Pamela: Bodysuit (feet)Female Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Any Style HairFemale Medium Hair400 credits
Derivable Smooth FeetMale Shoes350 credits
Short Pleated SkirtFemale Bottoms385 credits
Any Length HairFemale Long Hair410 credits
Abbie: BrownFemale Short Hair400 credits
Chanelle: BrownFemale Short Hair400 credits
Ashley: BrownFemale Medium Hair400 credits
Double French BraidFemale Updos400 credits
French BraidFemale Updos400 credits
Allura: BrownFemale Medium Hair400 credits
Pleated SkirtFemale Bottoms375 credits
Blank Head (Bald, Dvble)Male Heads400 credits
Blank Head (Derivable)Male Heads400 credits
Blank Head (Derivable)Female Heads400 credits
Blank Head (Bald, Dvble)Female Heads400 credits
The E.Z. Tee (Male)Male Tops325 credits
The E.Z. Tee (Female)Female Tops325 credits
Gothic CollarFemale Accessories350 credits
Academia: BrownFemale Updos350 credits
The Dolly: Enhanced TopFemale Tops400 credits
The Pamela: Enhanced TopFemale Tops400 credits
Animal Nose (no teeth)Female Accessories350 credits
Bunny NoseFemale Accessories350 credits
Bunny HeadFemale Accessories350 credits
Bunny CostumeFemale Bodysuits/Dresses450 credits
Knife in StomachUnisex Accessories350 credits
Black Garter - LeftFemale Accessories350 credits
Black Garter - RightFemale Accessories350 credits
Basic ShortsFemale Bottoms350 credits
Knife in BackUnisex Accessories350 credits
Nora: Beach BlondeFemale Medium Hair400 credits