By DreamWeaver1 (302 Items)

Black Personal ScreenshoUnisex Accessories426 credits
Dev StudiosFurniture Rooms775 credits
QuenchFurniture Rooms1275 credits
Fairy Pod V3Other425 credits
Fairy Pod V2Other425 credits
Fairy PodOther425 credits
Fairy HouseOther425 credits
Shiny Silver Dragon SpikFemale Accessories818 credits
Dragon Back Spikes FemalFemale Accessories426 credits
Dragon Back Spikes MaleMale Accessories426 credits
Dragon Arm SpikesUnisex Accessories426 credits
Black Dragon JeansFemale Bottoms426 credits
Silver City BallroomFurniture Rooms800 credits
We Love You TexasRayne!Other425 credits
White Gnome Hat V5 (FemaFemale Accessories426 credits
Pink DaisyFemale Accessories426 credits
White Gnome Hat V4 (FemaFemale Accessories426 credits
White Gnome Hat V3 (FemaFemale Accessories426 credits
White Gnome Hat V2 (FemaFemale Accessories426 credits
White Gnome Hat V1 (FemaFemale Accessories426 credits
White Gnome Hat (Male)Male Accessories426 credits
Derivable Snow DropFemale Short Hair475 credits
Crystal Navi EarringsFemale Accessories426 credits
Crystal EarringsFemale Accessories426 credits
LillypadSeating425 credits
Flickering Red Candle StDecor1364 credits
Flickering Red CandlesDecor909 credits
Muscled Black TopMale Tops425 credits
PlumeriaDecor425 credits
Silver Skull Leather ShoMale Bodysuits/Dresses400 credits
Thinner Muscled BodysuitMale Bodysuits/Dresses425 credits
Black Dragon WingsMale Accessories426 credits
Marble PalaceFurniture Rooms775 credits
Black Aooga HornsUnisex Accessories426 credits
One HornUnisex Accessories426 credits
Dev Mode BannerUnisex Accessories376 credits
Morphing Spiked TailUnisex Accessories426 credits
DreamWeaver Club PosterDecor375 credits
"9" EarringMale Accessories426 credits
Duality WingsUnisex Accessories426 credits
Weathered FootbridgeDecor375 credits
Claw EarringMale Accessories351 credits
Horn EarringMale Accessories351 credits
Animated Smoke ColumnDecor350 credits
Derivable TeepeeDecor400 credits
Red/Black WallDecor375 credits
Silver Beaded ChokerFemale Accessories426 credits
Butterfly Lace CanopyDecor425 credits
Round Accent PillowsDecor375 credits
Round BedBeds500 credits
3D Diamond EarringsFemale Accessories376 credits
3D Diamond NecklaceFemale Accessories476 credits
Hot Trends BeltFemale Accessories386 credits
Wispy Bangs 3 in ObsidiaFemale Add-ons401 credits
Wispy Bangs 2 in ObsidiaFemale Add-ons401 credits
Wispy Bangs 1 in ObsidiaFemale Add-ons401 credits
Derivable Tongue PiercinMale Accessories426 credits
Derivable Tongue PiercinFemale Accessories426 credits
Faux Fem ShadowUnisex Accessories371 credits
Pink Fairy SlippersFemale Shoes391 credits
Cork SculptureDecor400 credits
Blue Fantasy WingsUnisex Accessories426 credits
No More Bald! in ObsidiaFemale Accessories426 credits
Waterfall ShadowboxDecor400 credits
Derivable Muscular ArmbaMale Accessories425 credits
Candy HeadFemale Other351 credits
Derivable KatanaFemale Accessories351 credits
Miranda AvatarOther675 credits
Grecian Key EarringsFemale Accessories325 credits
Boot Cut Pants in KhakiMale Bottoms302 credits
3 Stone RingFemale Accessories325 credits
Silver Grecian EarringsFemale Accessories325 credits
Red Spray PaintFemale Accessories400 credits
Graffiti WallOther900 credits
Fancy Blue BedBeds400 credits
Cotton Candy Lips (CandyFemale Heads600 credits
Portable Prop FlowersUnisex Accessories400 credits
Patty in Autumn KissFemale Long Hair375 credits
Thomas HeadMale Other650 credits
Purple Crystal TriquestaFemale Accessories350 credits
Moon CandleholderDecor325 credits
Window PlanterDecor350 credits
Skack Wristband (L)Unisex Accessories350 credits
Skull Wristband (R)Unisex Accessories350 credits
Jenny Bangs in ObsidianFemale Bangs350 credits
Cotton Candy KarinaFemale Heads500 credits
Golden Brown Mustache {PMale Heads600 credits
Cotton Candy Sophia LipsFemale Heads525 credits
Clarice in Chocolate TruFemale Long Hair400 credits
Josephine in Chocolate TFemale Long Hair400 credits
Sabrina in Autumn KissFemale Long Hair400 credits
Lilly PondOther375 credits
Queen of Pentacles ThronSeating350 credits
Queen of Pentacles CrownFemale Accessories350 credits
Manor HouseOther900 credits
Paul HeadMale Other600 credits
CandyFemale Other1800 credits
Chocolate Curly TailFemale Add-ons400 credits
Bouncy Grape Gelatin SeaSeating400 credits
Blue Cloud RingFemale Accessories350 credits
Star WallOther400 credits
Spring Essence TopFemale Tops400 credits
Mae in Chocolate TruffleFemale Medium Hair400 credits
Flying SeashellOther350 credits
Animated CandlestickDecor350 credits
Modular Hexagon RoomOther900 credits
Hexagon PenthouseFurniture Rooms1000 credits
Belladonna Beach TowelFemale Bottoms325 credits
Seahorse ChariotOther400 credits
Cotton Candy ChairSeating400 credits
Belladonna DressFemale Bodysuits/Dresses325 credits
Belladonna SkirtFemale Bottoms325 credits
Belladonna BodysuitFemale Bodysuits/Dresses325 credits
Belladonna Blue Floral DFemale Tops325 credits
Belladonna FlaresFemale Bottoms325 credits
BelladonnaOther1800 credits
Animated Wrestling MatOther700 credits
Unicorn CrystalDecor400 credits
Black Feather Boa (V2)Female Accessories350 credits
Finger Bling!Female Accessories400 credits
Silver Note and Clef EarFemale Accessories400 credits
Triple Crystal DanglesFemale Accessories400 credits
Tiny Pink DanglesFemale Accessories400 credits
Dangly Crystal EarringsFemale Accessories400 credits
Dangly Crystal EarringsFemale Accessories400 credits
Crystal CathedralFurniture Rooms900 credits
Derivable Boot SuitMale Bodysuits/Dresses375 credits
Crystal TableTables375 credits
Crystal Dreams BedBeds400 credits
Single CrystalDecor350 credits
Crystal ThroneSeating400 credits
White CrystalsDecor400 credits
Burgundy Nido CouchSeating575 credits
BeehiveOther400 credits
Pink 3D HeartsDecor400 credits
Male Pixie Ears (DerivabMale Accessories350 credits
Floating Pink Bubble SeaSeating400 credits
The Pink RoomFurniture Rooms450 credits
BubblesDecor400 credits
SeaScapeFurniture Rooms700 credits
Milliner's DreamFemale Accessories400 credits
Ocean DreamsFurniture Rooms900 credits
Little Dragon AnkletFemale Accessories350 credits
Little PotOther350 credits
Frying PanOther375 credits
Stew potOther350 credits
Little WiskOther350 credits
Cooking UtensilsDecor350 credits
Culinary Arts InstituteFurniture Rooms475 credits
Egyptian Scene EnhancerOther450 credits
Sparkle MagicUnisex Accessories350 credits
Oval Cheval MirrorOther350 credits
Checkerboard FloorDecor350 credits
Fairy Garden WallDecor350 credits
Wrought Iron RailingDecor350 credits
Ballet Slippers V2Female Shoes350 credits
Icy PondOther450 credits
Sugarplum TutuFemale Bottoms376 credits
Hibiscus Summer 2 PieceFemale Bodysuits/Dresses350 credits
Derivable News DeskOther425 credits
Tall BookcaseOther400 credits
Writers DeskOther400 credits
Scattered GravelDecor350 credits
Dark Wood BookcaseOther425 credits
Flaming TorchOther400 credits
Bearskin RugDecor350 credits
Weathered Wood SettleSeating450 credits
Contestant PanelOther375 credits
Wrought Iron Gothic ChaiSeating400 credits
StalagmiteDecor375 credits
Poet's HideawayFurniture Rooms750 credits
Tiny CaveFurniture Rooms450 credits
Gargoyle TableTables400 credits
Magic CandelabraOther350 credits
Strawberry EarringsFemale Accessories325 credits
Morter and PestleDecor350 credits
Concession TrayFemale Accessories385 credits
Emaline Bangs {AUTUMN KIFemale Bangs350 credits
Venus Fly TrapSeating350 credits
Fairy Wings in BlushFemale Accessories350 credits
Snake CharmerOther400 credits
Cyan Bikini BottomsFemale Bottoms350 credits
Hip BabyFemale Accessories400 credits
Baby CarriageFemale Accessories350 credits
Sweet Pea Fairy SlippersFemale Shoes350 credits
Red Feather BoaFemale Accessories350 credits
Shiny Black PumpsFemale Shoes350 credits
Zippy ParakeetPet500 credits
Fruit HatFemale Accessories350 credits
Chef's HatFemale Accessories350 credits
Summer Blonde CarolFemale Medium Hair425 credits
Summer Blonde EmilyFemale Updos425 credits
Pixie EarsFemale Accessories375 credits
Ebony JanieFemale Short Hair350 credits
Peekaboo FallsOther400 credits
Garden TreeOther350 credits
Mad Layers BlondeFemale Medium Hair375 credits
DW1 Vacation HomeFurniture Rooms1000 credits
Pastel LeavesFemale Tops325 credits
Floral BandeauFemale Tops325 credits
(L) Celtic Knot RingMale Accessories325 credits
Left Hand ChairSeating300 credits
Little RainbowDecor350 credits
Auburn SarahFemale Medium Hair375 credits
Classy Black Pose ChairSeating450 credits
Brunette VictoriaFemale Medium Hair375 credits
CityscapeOther900 credits
Blue Ridge Spring SEOther900 credits
Square Sunflower CandleDecor350 credits
Nature Leaf NecklaceFemale Accessories425 credits
Frilly Rose CurtainsDecor350 credits
Crystal VaseDecor350 credits
Instant BackdropOther425 credits
Invisible RoomFurniture Rooms500 credits
Yellow Roses VaseDecor375 credits
Tabletop Flower VaseDecor425 credits
Blue & White Dream BedBeds450 credits
4 Poster BedBeds475 credits
High Rise Level 2Other450 credits
High Rise StaircaseOther350 credits
High Rise Top FloorOther451 credits
High Rise Ground LevelOther450 credits
High-Rise RoofOther350 credits
Monet Water LilliesDecor350 credits
Monet Bridge PosterDecor350 credits
4 Room HouseOther750 credits
Smoochie Disco BallDecor500 credits
Mountain VistaFurniture Rooms500 credits
Cozy CottageOther400 credits
Marble FountainDecor350 credits
Standard Marble BenchSeating350 credits
Marble StaircaseOther350 credits
Marble BalconyOther350 credits
Marble Floor/CeilingOther350 credits
Blue Tile RoofOther350 credits
Marble ArchwayOther350 credits
Butterfly BallcapFemale Accessories375 credits
Gloria in BrunetteFemale Updos525 credits
Scarlett in BrunetteFemale Medium Hair525 credits
Fringed Moccasin BootsMale Shoes375 credits
Portable TreehouseOther600 credits
Dreamy Genie SlippersFemale Shoes375 credits
Sunshine BeachFurniture Rooms625 credits
Woodland HatMale Accessories350 credits
Black Platform MulesFemale Shoes375 credits
Elven TowersFurniture Rooms600 credits
Wooden FootbridgeOther350 credits
Wooden Arch BridgeOther350 credits
Suede Ankle BootsFemale Shoes350 credits
Scalable Lit PavilionOther325 credits
Swan RideOther550 credits
Pink Gem Star BeltFemale Accessories350 credits
Boxed LunchLocked Rooms700 credits
Fighting DummyOther350 credits
Free Standing Punching BOther350 credits
Wing Chu Wooden DummyOther350 credits
Floral ArchwayDecor325 credits
The RainbowDecor250 credits
!Picnic!Other550 credits
Winter Wonderland WindowOther350 credits
BookcaseOther350 credits
Starlit Ballroom BalconyDecor350 credits
Stream End 2Decor350 credits
Stream End 1Decor350 credits
Sparkling StreamOther350 credits
Tiny Cattails PondOther350 credits
Glowy Hot Pink Star EarrFemale Accessories325 credits
Lilly PondLocked Rooms1000 credits
Deck w/ Hot TubOther450 credits
ThumbringMale Accessories325 credits
Bubble SeatSeating350 credits
*BRB*Female Accessories325 credits
Flower VineDecor350 credits
*BRB*Male Accessories325 credits
Marble ColumnDecor350 credits
Scaleable IglooOther350 credits
Scaleable TeepeeOther350 credits
Dragon MountDecor350 credits
Small Cedar DoorDecor325 credits
Mini HouseOther425 credits
Wrought Iron & Marble BeSeating350 credits
Two-Room HouseLocked Rooms2000 credits
Garden PavilionFurniture Rooms900 credits
Haunted HouseLocked Rooms800 credits
Left Thumb Ring SilverFemale Accessories325 credits
Garden ArchDecor325 credits
Little BistroFurniture Rooms750 credits
Loft ApartmentFurniture Rooms600 credits
Martini Hot TubOther325 credits
Midnight StarSeating325 credits
Plum Velvet HatFemale Accessories325 credits
Silver ThumbringFemale Accessories300 credits
Right Hand ChairSeating300 credits
Rose SeatSeating300 credits
Butterfly BeltFemale Accessories300 credits
Streetlight/Garden LightDecor325 credits
Tall Witch HatFemale Accessories300 credits
THE MOON!Decor325 credits
Ride A Broomstick!Seating325 credits
Interior WallDecor325 credits
Mermaid ThroneSeating350 credits
High-Heel Shoe ChairSeating300 credits