Tables (317 Items)

S|S Dining Table MeshRFSoulScythe727 credits
S|S Dining Table MeshSoulScythe636 credits
-AI- End Table [DEV]inkhana450 credits
Mesh- Caged Coffee TableJamo450 credits
[VC] Modern TableSet DRVVinceCamorra559 credits
[VC]Round Wire Table DRVVinceCamorra430 credits
[VC] Tall wire Table DRVVinceCamorra430 credits
[JE] Huge Round TableJadeElf600 credits
[JE] Sci-fi TableJadeElf750 credits
Sectional Sofa MiddleLovedWarrior490 credits
Delique wooden tableLovedWarrior490 credits
Round Wooden TableLovedWarrior490 credits
Rustic tableLovedWarrior540 credits
!T! DRV Outdoor TableChicByTrinity634 credits
[D]DesignTable DerivableDennis450 credits
[JE] Elegant TableJadeElf600 credits
Aeternus DiningSetGothicGarden550 credits
[DC] Dinner table Bdcdani480 credits
[DC] Dinner table Adcdani480 credits
bIT Dripping Paint Tablebitcisneros600 credits
round_table (derivable)39Steph39550 credits
D2k-Serving trolleyDutchie2000650 credits
D2k-Design coffee tableDutchie2000650 credits
D2k-Serving TrolleyDutchie2000650 credits
D2k-Serving TrolleyDutchie2000650 credits
D2k-Serving TrolleyDutchie2000650 credits
D2k-Serving trolleyDutchie2000650 credits
D2k-Serving trolley woodDutchie2000650 credits
tea_table (derivable)39Steph39650 credits
fantazy_table (derivable39Steph39850 credits
D2k-CoffeetableDutchie2000500 credits
D2k-Coffee tableDutchie2000600 credits
D2k-PartytableDutchie2000650 credits
D2k-BirthdaytableDutchie2000700 credits
D2k-Table and chairsDutchie2000650 credits
[JE] Master TableJadeElf550 credits
Reflective Coffee TableTidy550 credits
Vintage Art Deco Table TTidy550 credits
[deriv] Cake TableCrashingbear550 credits
[deriv] banquet tableCrashingbear591 credits
[deriv] AltarCrashingbear750 credits
Dev Medieval Tablefunkthisshot730 credits
{®} DerOfficeDeskRealitalianman800 credits
!!AP!!Spin Valent.TableAlexPrincess85454 credits
Dev Tablefunkthisshot636 credits
Bamboo coffee tableJennyStaffordshire525 credits
Glass Coffee Table [T]Tidy525 credits
[VC] Desk MeshVinceCamorra541 credits
Glass Stools Table [T]Tidy525 credits
bIT gIGER sMALL tABLEbitcisneros525 credits
bIT gIGER tABLEbitcisneros605 credits
Western table for 2(der)TheVillageBike525 credits
QB - GlassTable DeriveDennis375 credits
Derivable Coffee Tabletemptii475 credits
Old style dresser deriveTheVillageBike575 credits
.CW. derivable tablecriswalkerr475 credits
dev tablefunkthisshot791 credits
!@ Arte povera furn. 04BruttoAssassino525 credits
Louis XV Dining TableGothicGarden525 credits
(DDS) CoffeetableMesh01DeepDarkSilence625 credits
Derivable Guest BookAnakaTarren525 credits
!@ Round tableBruttoAssassino575 credits
Derivable Square Tabletemptii475 credits
Coffee Table V2 MeshPharmacist409 credits
Derivable Coffee Squaretemptii475 credits
!@ Animated tableBruttoAssassino625 credits
Derivable Club Tabletemptii425 credits
!@ Deriv. furnishing 26BruttoAssassino575 credits
Mod.Endstand~Derivablekozzywolf373 credits
Mod. cafeTable~Derivablekozzywolf373 credits
Derivable Coffee Tabletemptii475 credits
Derivable Dining Tabletemptii475 credits
Derivable Modern SofaNaomi454 credits
Derivable Sushi Tabletemptii475 credits
Derivable Zen Tabletemptii475 credits
Derivable Zen Boothtemptii475 credits
Royal Love Pose DresserNaomi475 credits
+Coffee table+ WithPosesPharmacist409 credits
!@ deriv. furnishing 11BruttoAssassino575 credits
Sire Viluette Table MeshDarkSirenne453 credits
[GB] Derivable BoothGamerBaby500 credits
Europian Antique Table 3SillverSurfer575 credits
[] DerLowRoundTabRealitalianman455 credits
!@ Old desk wood marbleBruttoAssassino575 credits
[] DerGlassTableRealitalianman525 credits
!@ Deriv. furnishing 10BruttoAssassino575 credits
Europian Antique Table 2SillverSurfer727 credits
Derivable Cybersub Settemptii475 credits
[] DerivableTableRealitalianman527 credits
DI Tea Party TableDarkideas575 credits
[aba] Chess tableBruttoAssassino625 credits
MermaidGlassTableSafylja800 credits
[aba] Der. furnishing 07BruttoAssassino575 credits
[JE] Celt Stone TableJadeElf575 credits
[aba] Der. furnishing 05BruttoAssassino575 credits
[aba] Der. furnishing 04BruttoAssassino575 credits
G®Deco Wood & Velvet GAGatho425 credits
[aba] Der. furnishing 03BruttoAssassino575 credits
[aba] Der. furnishing 02BruttoAssassino575 credits
GLL 12 Seat Table Derivegroovyloopylou575 credits
QE Design poses tableErotique500 credits
[JE] Obelisk TableJadeElf475 credits
CosmicCometTable/DrvSafylja670 credits
{G}Dinner Tablesecciilayme575 credits
New Moon Table DerivableDarkSirenne775 credits
*AZ* Candy Tablemiaka618575 credits
[GB] Dev Kids TableGamerBaby341 credits
DI GW Hi-TableDarkideas475 credits
*S* Spirits DeskSpirit425 credits
LW - Dressing table andLovedWarrior675 credits
[CX]Bar Counter DerivablLucaCX454 credits
[CX]Round Table DerivablLucaCX454 credits
[JE] Table & ChairsJadeElf475 credits
DI Basic TableDarkideas475 credits
Cocktail TableDrummerboy70325 credits
Round Table Derivabletemptii475 credits
.V. Club Rose Table 2LordVanir409 credits
[JE] Noble TableJadeElf475 credits
[JE] Noble EndtableJadeElf375 credits
mesh: COZY DINING TABLEMotionLab408 credits
.V. Club Rose Table DeriLordVanir409 credits
[W] Animated Dinning tabwiiing625 credits
.V. Coffee Table DerivLordVanir364 credits
GLL Orb Table Derivablegroovyloopylou350 credits
mesh: ROMANCE CAFE TABLEMotionLab408 credits
mesh: LEISURE DINNINGMotionLab408 credits
mesh: LEISURE TABLEMotionLab408 credits
mesh: FRUIT BAR SETMotionLab408 credits
mesh: SAPPHIRE DINNINGMotionLab408 credits
-CD- Squares TableCreativeDesigns360 credits
TwinkleStar Drvble TableDarkSirenne409 credits
-CD- Iron Smal TableCreativeDesigns360 credits
D2k-Coffeetable chairsDutchie2000575 credits
Piggy Inn TableNaomi400 credits
Piggy Coffee TableNaomi475 credits
Square CafeTable-Derivkoolwhip315308 credits
Derivable Ying YangNaomi375 credits
Derivable Modern GlassNaomi375 credits
(PX)Derivable GlassTablePerlu300 credits
{F} Deriv Antique TableFinue525 credits
Derivable-OvalCoffeTablekoolwhip315409 credits
Ange™ Christmas Tableangenz500 credits
[G]BLING ROCK CAFEguitarland595 credits
HSH Dining SetGothicGarden775 credits
~BL~HolidayDiningMeshMsBonnieLynn350 credits
Derivable Ottotabletemptii475 credits
H4K - Table Derivablehot4krissy325 credits
Derivable Dinner Table 6temptii450 credits
GLL Derive Haunt Tablegroovyloopylou600 credits
*S* Chips n Dips tableSpirit450 credits
H79 Derivable Table 5Harley1979350 credits
H79 Table 4Harley1979350 credits
Cake Table, Square, MedAnakaTarren450 credits
GLL DerivableCoffeeTablegroovyloopylou325 credits
Derivable Table for 4temptii450 credits
Glass tableMissMary64450 credits
[JE] Royal TableJadeElf350 credits
D2k-Conference derivableDutchie2000550 credits
D2k-Conferencetable deriDutchie2000550 credits
LowProfile NiteClub SetJourney350 credits
[T] Sleepy Dining TableTidy700 credits
[G]BAR SHOWguitarland600 credits
Long Table [Dev]MarniDawg350 credits
Small Table [Dev]MarniDawg350 credits
Derivable Niteclub TableJourney350 credits
Table and 4 chairsMissMary64450 credits
DD~Der. Anim. Club TableDeeelight400 credits
[CP]Mission End TableMrTeebes400 credits
[CP]Mission Coffee TableMrTeebes400 credits
(N) Derivable Dining SetCountessOfNaughtyham650 credits
Pixi FLower TableLovedWarrior400 credits
*P* Japanese Tea TablePrincessa450 credits
DD~Derivable Dining SetDeeelight400 credits
[JE] Medieval coff tableJadeElf350 credits
[JE] Medieval End tableJadeElf350 credits
Derivable End TableJourney350 credits
Derivable Coffee tableJourney375 credits
[JE] Medieval TableJadeElf350 credits
Derivable Coffee TableJourney350 credits
Derivable Sofa TableJourney350 credits
Derivable End TableJourney350 credits
Derivable OnlyCottageFarm600 credits
Derivable ONLYCottageFarm650 credits
[AS1] Magic Study TableAdventSeed800 credits
Rustic Dining SetGothicGarden525 credits
ESC:Deriv~CrossCoffeeTblAvielElioenai350 credits
ESC:Deriv~CrossEndTableAvielElioenai350 credits
r.-IDF-MESH-DE-S-TABLE 2regnarts636 credits
r.-IDF-MESH-DE-TABLE-04regnarts863 credits
r.-IDF-MESH-DE-S-TABLE 1regnarts636 credits
r.-IDF-MESH-DE-TABLE-03regnarts909 credits
r.-IDF-MESH-DE-TABLE-02regnarts772 credits
DI Low large tableDarkideas350 credits
DI Small Display TableDarkideas350 credits
DI Small Display TableDarkideas350 credits
DI Round Display TableDarkideas350 credits
DI Group of low tablesDarkideas350 credits
DI Split Coffee TableDarkideas350 credits
DI Modern Coffee TableDarkideas350 credits
Ange™ Dining Suiteangenz500 credits
D2k-Table 10 seats derivDutchie2000550 credits
H79 Marrakech Table3Harley1979400 credits
H79 Marrakech Table2Harley1979400 credits
H79 Marrakech Table1Harley1979400 credits
*S* Table Glass CandleSpirit550 credits
M-One End Table [Dev]MarniDawg350 credits
H79 Blocky Coffee Table1Harley1979325 credits
H79 Wave Table1Harley1979350 credits
H79 Modern Coffee Table1Harley1979325 credits
DI Lowdev TableDarkideas350 credits
DI Lowdev Table & ChairsDarkideas450 credits
(PA) Derivable TablePinkAnt350 credits
Ange™ Table for Fourangenz450 credits
D2k-LS coffeetbl derivabDutchie2000500 credits
DI Lowdev Table+StoolsDarkideas450 credits
DI Modelife Hi-TableDarkideas450 credits
DI Baquet TableDarkideas550 credits
[T] Stage Table w/ PosesTidy650 credits
DI Lowdev Table+chairsDarkideas500 credits
[AS1] Candle DinnerAdventSeed500 credits
Coffin Coffee TableLilithOfTheFlesh400 credits
Deriv Voice Coffee TableTrakahanTiTeutonia700 credits
DCPA Weapon MuseumDarkideas500 credits
Crystal TableDreamWeaver1375 credits
EndTableTWOHexair320 credits
TableTWO-ClearHexair330 credits
Mesh: 14P TABLEMotionLab454 credits
J68 Oval Coffee TableJennifur68450 credits
J68 Derivable DeskJennifur68500 credits
elf/fairy table & chairsNeo5842450 credits
ESC:Deriv~OldMenNormalAvielElioenai350 credits
CC - Table Top Arcadecaleb68350 credits
*S* modern coffee tableSpirit450 credits
Lux Antique Dining SetGothicGarden475 credits
XMas Dinner Table/12PMotionLab350 credits
Kotatsu Tablemarisa9495 credits
ZTX - Sci-fi Tablecaleb68350 credits
Mystic Coffee TableGylia800 credits
~D~AnimatedClubTableSetDan142550 credits
{WW} DesignerWildWestern550 credits
Mystic Garden TableGylia600 credits
DeskTWO-BlackHexair360 credits
{WW} PolishedWildWestern600 credits
[m]Table/Cloth DRV bigmercuria350 credits
[m]Table/Cloth DRV smmercuria350 credits
{WW} Easy Livin'WildWestern600 credits
Glass Bar/10PMotionLab350 credits
PHz ~ DERIVE glass tablePurpleHaze375 credits
D2k-Sidetable~derivableDutchie2000500 credits
DI Freyja Coffee TableDarkideas350 credits
Derivable Sofa tableJourney350 credits
Derivable End tableJourney350 credits
Derivable Coffee TableJourney350 credits
CC - Tiki Small Tablecaleb68450 credits
CC - Tiki Dining Tablecaleb68450 credits
CC - Tiki Coffee Tablecaleb68450 credits
Gargoyle TableDreamWeaver1400 credits
~D~ Coff Tbl (Derivable)Dan142500 credits
~D~ EndTable (Derivable)Dan142500 credits
D2k-Design table~2posesDutchie2000450 credits
[T] Executive DeskTidy600 credits
mx RevelationsMulucXul500 credits
D2k-Coffeetable/chairsDutchie2000500 credits
D2k-Beandesk~derivableDutchie2000450 credits
AT - Cake/Dessert TableAnakaTarren350 credits
Lux MirrorGothicGarden375 credits
Campfire Table w/PosesSunnyDaze600 credits
D2k-Conferencetable~deriDutchie2000500 credits
D2k-Architect table~DeriDutchie2000450 credits
D2k-Executivedesk-DerivaDutchie2000500 credits
[T] Spider Web Table 4STidy500 credits
xlx Coffee tablexlxCARL0Sxlx400 credits
xlx End Table for CouchxlxCARL0Sxlx400 credits
DI Camelot Round TableDarkideas500 credits
r.-idf-dining tableregnarts1272 credits
[m]Deco Side Table DRVmercuria425 credits
[m]Deco Coffee Table DRVmercuria400 credits
Ange™ Oak Coffee Tableangenz450 credits
Ange™ Oak End Tableangenz450 credits
xlx TablexlxCARL0Sxlx750 credits
[T] Savant Spiral TableTidy400 credits
(Di) SpikeCoffTableDiamondDayAfter350 credits
Imperial Senate TableBJTK500 credits
[Orac] Coffee Table MeshOrac323 credits
[Orac] End Table MeshOrac323 credits
[T] Very Bad TableTidy600 credits
GLL Tire Swing Derivablegroovyloopylou400 credits
ESC:Deriv~IchthysCofTablAvielElioenai700 credits
F CTableTwo DERIVABLEyokoed450 credits
Derivable Inn TabeSunnyDaze300 credits
Derivable Coffee TableSunnyDaze350 credits
Henna Bistro Table SetWhystler650 credits
Henna Bar Table SetWhystler650 credits
[T] Oracle Coffee TableTidy500 credits
[T] Antique End TableTidy450 credits
[T] Antique Coffee TableTidy450 credits
Geo Leaf Dining Table DGeo550 credits
Geo Leaf Coffee TableGeo450 credits
[T] Rolltop DeskTidy600 credits
Derivable Japan Table v4Beje86400 credits
Derivable Japan Table v3Beje86400 credits
Derivable Japan Table v2Beje86400 credits
Derivable Japan Table v1Beje86400 credits
*snk B TableNchairssneakyhov750 credits
F Longtable DERIVABLEyokoed508 credits
F Umbrella DERIVABLEyokoed460 credits
bIT gRAND fEASTbitcisneros800 credits
CC - Bone Small Tablecaleb68646 credits
CC - Bone Deskcaleb68646 credits
CC - Bone Coffee Tablecaleb68646 credits
Derivable Japanese TableTrakahanTiTeutonia500 credits
AT-Octagonal Table for 4AnakaTarren350 credits
AT-Octagon Table f/4,OakAnakaTarren500 credits
Accent Table - ClassicWhystler450 credits
End Table - ClassicWhystler450 credits
Side Table - classicWhystler550 credits
Display Table - LaceWhystler450 credits