Female Accessories (2015 Items)

Blindfold v1.0SheSkull450 credits
Aniamted Katana in HandWaltzingMouse546 credits
Facepaint-Blue ButterflyWhystler350 credits
Venetian Mask - diamond1Whystler350 credits
Bow and Arrows - femaleWhystler450 credits
Bone NecklaceWhystler350 credits
Bead Hoops 5 per sideKeef350 credits
Bracer-left for femalesWhystler350 credits
Bracer-right for femalesWhystler350 credits
Black Garter - RightKittenKat350 credits
Black Garter - LeftKittenKat350 credits
Bunny HeadKittenKat350 credits
Bunny NoseKittenKat350 credits
Animal Nose (no teeth)KittenKat350 credits
Torpedoes CosplaySheSkull500 credits
Space HelmetLittleAllen2201355 credits
Razi Bead HoopsKeef350 credits
Gothic CollarKittenKat350 credits
Wicked Bead HoopsKeef350 credits
Tragus Bead Hoop LKeef300 credits
MFD Head Deco BaseKimberlyLin300 credits
Glowstick!!!SheSkull300 credits
MFD Face VeilKimberlyLin300 credits
MFD Full Face VeilKimberlyLin300 credits
Kitty Collar with BellKeef350 credits
Silver Heart Toe RingCassiopeia350 credits
Legwarmer (Right)KittenKat350 credits
Legwarmer (Left)KittenKat350 credits
Layerable StockingsKittenKat400 credits
AnyglassesSheSkull300 credits
Bear Ears FKeef350 credits
Freaky Big Eyes O.OSheSkull350 credits
Standard Broom!NPR609 credits
pacifiersmoothsteve251 credits
Teddy BearKittenKat400 credits
Red and Black Umbrellajinx450 credits
Tall Witch HatDreamWeaver1300 credits
Butterfly BeltDreamWeaver1300 credits
Silver ThumbringDreamWeaver1300 credits
Plum Velvet HatDreamWeaver1325 credits
Crown Mesh - for womenWhystler450 credits
Egyptian HeaddressKittenKat400 credits
Left Thumb Ring SilverDreamWeaver1325 credits
CloakKittenKat400 credits
Default Any Skin M.UpT70450 credits
[KR] LoliBobble - CandyKashizzle350 credits
[KR] NobleElfEars 000°Kashizzle400 credits
Tied Neck Scarf FRyuPa400 credits
Leopard Scarf (Female)Beje86450 credits
Derivable Wooden SthingyRogue238343 credits
*BRB*DreamWeaver1325 credits
Longest Lashes on IMVU NSecondHarvest500 credits
Glowy Hot Pink Star EarrDreamWeaver1325 credits
TOP Lashes BLACKSecondHarvest500 credits
Neck Tie - DERIVABLECymae450 credits
Raiser HornsKeef350 credits
JEN Head L Black LashesSecondHarvest500 credits
Cowbell (F) - DERIVABLECymae450 credits
Chunky Belt - DERIVABLECymae450 credits
Adjustable Belt - DOCymae400 credits
FDP Ladies WatchSikk400 credits
Rainbow Trout -DERIVABLECymae450 credits
DO Customizable PolearmCymae450 credits
Pink Gem Star BeltDreamWeaver1350 credits
CC - WheelChair - Femalecaleb68636 credits
Wheel Chair - FemaleLilithOfTheFlesh636 credits
lvn-fdiv-msk-1levin8388600 credits
lvn-fdiv-snk-1levin8388300 credits
Skull rivets cuff (R)NightButterFly300 credits
lvn-fdiv-fin-1levin8388400 credits
Skull rivets cuff (L)NightButterFly300 credits
lvn-fdiv-uws-0levin8388700 credits
Animated Katana Der.Goose350 credits
CC - Rabbit Teeth (f)caleb68455 credits
lvn-fdiv-uwc-0levin8388700 credits
[T] Kitty ArmbandTidy525 credits
CC - Horns (f)caleb68454 credits
lvn-fdiv-wsg-0levin8388700 credits
Derivable ArmbandPoeticDreamer400 credits
Derivable BraceletPoeticDreamer400 credits
lvn-ffsh-rod-0levin8388800 credits
[T] Ruler w Sound FemaleTidy500 credits
Derivable Burlesque HatLilithOfTheFlesh409 credits
lvn-fdiv-cld-0levin8388500 credits
CC - Dark Horns (f)caleb68454 credits
[T] Kitty Collar Fem. V2Tidy625 credits
Nitouryu ~ StandardEternaSky600 credits
Nitouryu ~ DeluxeEternaSky1550 credits
MFD Rt Wrist PiercingsKimberlyLin300 credits
MFD Lf Wrist PiercingsKimberlyLin300 credits
Nitouryu ~ DX SheathlessEternaSky1600 credits
Beaded Necklace - LargeNPR350 credits
PM Full Belt Derivablejaysplayhouse400 credits
Butterfly BallcapDreamWeaver1375 credits
Anim ArmGun Derivable[F]Beje86400 credits
IW Lady Purse 1InventionWarehouse300 credits
[T] Derivable Frisbee FTidy400 credits
Spider Bites [DERIVABLE]Pop350 credits
Nature Leaf NecklaceDreamWeaver1425 credits
Lip RingPop300 credits
Lip Ring DOLLFACEHEADPop300 credits
Snake BitesPop300 credits
Derivable PurseCassiopeia350 credits
Lip Ring HEAD4Pop300 credits
[SH] Bling Rock RingSecondHarvest400 credits
Add-a-Bow Rearmercuria400 credits
Add-a-Bow Thigh (L)mercuria350 credits
Add-a-Bow Thigh (R)mercuria350 credits
Add-a-Bow Ankle (L)mercuria350 credits
Add-a-Bow Ankle (R)mercuria350 credits
Add-a-Bow (L)Bootmercuria350 credits
Add-a-Bow (R)Bootmercuria350 credits
Add-a-Bow Front Cinchedmercuria400 credits
Fire Fighter Helmetrayfigs550 credits
Add-a-Bow Neckmercuria350 credits
Geo Armband Left DeriveGeo450 credits
Geo Armband Right DGeo450 credits
Double Stud Collar DRVmercuria400 credits
Double O-Ring Collar DRVmercuria375 credits
[T] Kitty Collar V3 Fem.Tidy625 credits
CharmBracelet LEFT DRVmercuria400 credits
Charm Necklace DRVmercuria450 credits
CharmBracelet RGT DRVmercuria400 credits
(MSS) Feather MaskmsSlinkySilks450 credits
Beads [5x rt] DRVmercuria350 credits
$Chibi Wing LeftPop360 credits
$Chibi Wing RightPop360 credits
vampire design ereringsNeo5842400 credits
Unicasum necklaceNeo5842400 credits
pilot gogglesrayfigs400 credits
Fashion Glasses SilverLaraRevan330 credits
two gold wristbandNeo5842400 credits
[T] Back Shield FemaleTidy450 credits
Mob CapCassiopeia386 credits
diamond ring derivableNeo5842400 credits
Derivable Drum-female avWhystler650 credits
BlackWing ~ Female ~EternaSky1750 credits
StingerCassiopeia400 credits
Derivable Madunna ConesCaptainLust303 credits
[T] Handheld Candle Der.Tidy350 credits
[T] Brief Case DerivableTidy400 credits
[SH] MultiHead LashesSecondHarvest500 credits
bellybutton bar derivablNeo5842400 credits
Pixie EarsDreamWeaver1375 credits
bellybutton ring derivabNeo5842400 credits
Chef's HatDreamWeaver1350 credits
Bling Animated Earring LSikk1000 credits
Bling Animated Earring RSikk1000 credits
Bling Animated NoseringSikk1000 credits
Fruit HatDreamWeaver1350 credits
Bling Animated BellyringSikk1000 credits
(Di) DerivableBabyAnteDiamondDayAfter350 credits
Bling Animated BraceletSikk650 credits
Bling Animated LoopsSikk650 credits
Derivable Small StudBeje86300 credits
Sikk Speks (Derivable!)Sikk350 credits
Bling Large Hoop LSikk650 credits
Bling Large Hoop RSikk650 credits
Bling Anklet LeftSikk650 credits
Bling Anklet RightSikk650 credits
Derivable Punk Collar MMelancholyChild325 credits
Derivable Punk Collar FMelancholyChild325 credits
Derivable Oi Earring FMelancholyChild325 credits
Bling Diamond Ring LRFSikk650 credits
Bling Diamond Ring RRFSikk650 credits
Bling Teardrop Earring LSikk450 credits
Bling Teardrop Earring RSikk450 credits
BELLE Arch/Demon hornsIngmaesing360 credits
BELLE Arch/Angel hornsIngmaesing360 credits
Lab creature hornsIngmaesing360 credits
Derivable Hand MuffCassiopeia364 credits
Red Feather BoaDreamWeaver1350 credits
mx - warpony bitMulucXul500 credits
[T] Shepherds HookTidy400 credits
[T] Bling Banded TailTidy325 credits
Baby CarriageDreamWeaver1350 credits
Derivable Nose StudBeje86300 credits
[T] Bridle Chain RightTidy400 credits
Jen head Lip Ring DEVDarkknight1981350 credits
[T] Bridle Chain LeftTidy400 credits
Hip BabyDreamWeaver1400 credits
[T] Belly Chain OpacityTidy386 credits
[T] Shepherds Hook V2Tidy400 credits
Fairy Wings in BlushDreamWeaver1350 credits
IW Cute ScarfInventionWarehouse300 credits
!!Pickle`s GlassesPop350 credits
Derivable Guitar (f)caleb68350 credits
[T] Slave Bracelet L DerTidy425 credits
[T] Slave Bracelet R DerTidy425 credits
Flame BreathEternaSky850 credits
[T] Ankle Chains Ring RtTidy425 credits
[T] Ankle Chains Ring LtTidy425 credits
[T] Forearm Band RightTidy400 credits
[T] Forearm Band LeftTidy400 credits
[T] Lip Bridle RightTidy400 credits
[T] Lip Bridle LeftTidy400 credits
-KR- Tech GearKashizzle350 credits
Derivable 3-armbandBeje86300 credits
Good Size Dev BeltDarkknight1981350 credits
[T] Boot Spurs RightTidy375 credits
[T] Boot Spurs LeftTidy375 credits
[Cycl0n3]Locket-animatedVivamort1500 credits
[T] Dbl Chain w/2 OpacTidy400 credits
Concession TrayDreamWeaver1385 credits
Any size hat-valeDarkknight1981350 credits
DeluxeArmour~ Pauldron REternaSky400 credits
DeluxeArmour~ Pauldron LEternaSky400 credits
DeluxeArmour ~ Add-onEternaSky800 credits
[T] Collar Rings OpacityTidy400 credits
Yasmina jewel hairbandNightButterFly350 credits
J68 Bracelet GoldJennifur68320 credits
J68 Bangles (3) Left ArmJennifur68325 credits
J68 Derivable Watch LeftJennifur68325 credits
[Cycl0n3]DerivableLocketVivamort750 credits
J68 Diamond RingJennifur68400 credits
Battle Bandsroknrollangel377 credits
[T] Pistol Garter Deriv.Tidy450 credits
Kannibal headband Derv.Lassarina300 credits
Strawberry EarringsDreamWeaver1325 credits
[T] Holy Water GarterTidy450 credits
[T] Necklace Collar OpacTidy400 credits
J68 Roman Gladius SwordJennifur68400 credits
(A) Flower Petal HatDarkAngel5550 credits
[derivab.] spike lipringNightButterFly364 credits
[der.] spike lipring H4NightButterFly364 credits
[deri.] Spiked 3/4 hoopsNightButterFly364 credits
Derivable Bear HatPop360 credits
[deri.] Spiked 4/4 hoopsNightButterFly364 credits
[T] Boot Bling RightTidy450 credits
[T] Boot Bling LeftTidy450 credits
$Heart EyesPop340 credits
basketball with 13 posesaramho1350 credits
[T] Hanging the StarTidy450 credits
[T] Choir Book With PoseTidy500 credits
[T] Pearl Bracelet LeftTidy450 credits
[T] Pearl Bracelet RightTidy450 credits
J68 Anime / Manga SwordJennifur68450 credits
[T] Pearl Drop EarringsTidy450 credits
[G]CHRISTMAS METAL Fguitarland720 credits
Foot Particles (female)Whystler350 credits
jm| The YoYo (F)JoeMuffa579 credits
Carlotta Labret V2Lassarina325 credits
Pilot Helmet FJaleman31450 credits
[T] Pearl Choker 2 OpacsTidy500 credits
CS. Christmas Birchcrysue400 credits
R1313 Derivable Earringsrumour1313350 credits
[T] Been ShoppingTidy500 credits
[DR] Sapphire DropsDenimRose450 credits
R1313 3D Derivable Studsrumour1313400 credits
[T] Pearl Journey EarsTidy500 credits
[T] Necklace OpacityTidy450 credits
R1313 Sandwich Boardrumour1313430 credits
Baseball Hat Back DuRagRyuPa350 credits
Baseball Hat Front DuRagRyuPa350 credits
ScullyRyuPa350 credits
Scully with BrimRyuPa350 credits
Lunar ScullyRyuPa350 credits
[T] Choker NecklaceTidy350 credits
[T] Choker Necklace OpacTidy450 credits
[DR]Deevious BlingCollarDenimRose385 credits
[T] Oracle Earrings Der.Tidy400 credits
Little Dragon AnkletDreamWeaver1350 credits
Dance Fans, MidnightKeef476 credits
[T] Necklace CharmsTidy400 credits
Milliner's DreamDreamWeaver1400 credits
(MSS) Derivable FansmsSlinkySilks525 credits
!TD Gem Heart PendantTooGoodInc400 credits
!TD Gem Heart EarringsTooGoodInc400 credits
|N|Snake Pendant ChainNaughty650 credits
J68 Derivable KatanaJennifur68410 credits
J68 Derivable Katana (M)Jennifur68410 credits
Hearts Earringsmercuria390 credits
KLF 70s ModHatPopeKael500 credits
[T] Spikey HairTidy600 credits
Heart Chokermercuria390 credits
Better Blindfold F DerivBeagleJ350 credits
[T] Garter Spikes LeftTidy450 credits
[T] Garter Spikes RightTidy450 credits
GothicHat&Vale [DEV] [F]Darkknight1981360 credits
High Soccer Cowds Hataramho500 credits
DERIVABLE Glow E.RingsPop365 credits
[T] Janna Back JewelsTidy450 credits
[T] Tramp Stamp OpacityTidy350 credits
[deri.] anyshape labretNightButterFly364 credits
Long tusks (F) derivableBeagleJ275 credits
ShieldSwerd BasicEternaSky1050 credits
Kanzashi Ume for Maiko1marisa9350 credits
ShieldSwerd UniqueEternaSky1350 credits
J68 Versatile EarringsJennifur68400 credits
ShieldSwerd UltimateEternaSky1650 credits
ShieldSwerd Dark BasicEternaSky1050 credits
ShieldSwerd Dark UniqueEternaSky1350 credits
ShieldSwerd DarkUltimateEternaSky1650 credits
Dangly Crystal EarringsDreamWeaver1400 credits
Dangly Crystal EarringsDreamWeaver1400 credits
Tiny Pink DanglesDreamWeaver1400 credits
Triple Crystal DanglesDreamWeaver1400 credits
Silver Note and Clef EarDreamWeaver1400 credits
Finger Bling!DreamWeaver1400 credits
Black Feather Boa (V2)DreamWeaver1350 credits
FULL PIERCINGS carlottaLassarina400 credits
[T] Amer. Glad. Helmet FTidy600 credits
(kr) spike collarKingRalf332 credits
(kr) earrings derivableKingRalf273 credits
Fuzzy Collarrayfigs350 credits
[T] Gun Holster FemaleTidy600 credits
Kitsune Mask Derivablemarisa9450 credits
D~ Bangles DerivableDerivables450 credits
D~ Necklace DerivableDerivables450 credits
[G]BLACK METAL BASS Fguitarland650 credits
(kr) 6 rings derivableKingRalf273 credits
D~ OpacityNeck DerivableDerivables450 credits
(kr) 6 rings right earKingRalf273 credits
Ladies MustacheKittenKat350 credits
(kr) diamond collarKingRalf332 credits
Derivable Wakizashi - RMarniDawg350 credits
[T] Back Upper TattooTidy400 credits
*AZ* Giant Floating EyeFmiaka618450 credits
*AZ* Giant Egg Pink Fmiaka618476 credits
[T] Eyebrow Bridle RightTidy400 credits
[T] Eyebrow Bridle LeftTidy400 credits
D~ 16Bangles DerivableDerivables450 credits
[HS] Chainball EarringsHellstrong280 credits
[T] Bridle Full FaceTidy600 credits
Blue Cloud RingDreamWeaver1350 credits
Maiko Sakura FanEternaSky1050 credits
*AZ* Derivable Scarf (F)miaka618500 credits
{C}BarrelPurse [Deriv.]Jenschaos400 credits
2 in 1 GlassesRyuPa350 credits
R: Derivable Collar [F]Rae300 credits
R: Derivable Collar [M]Rae300 credits
[T] Bangle BraceletTidy400 credits
{C}BatEye [Derivable]Jenschaos400 credits
~pw {bh} thighbandPinktoes450 credits
[T] Earring Chain V1Tidy400 credits
Derby Flourish Hat MeshMargaroite280 credits
{F} Deriv Deerstalker FFinue300 credits
{C}CoffinPurse [Deriv.]Jenschaos400 credits
~pw[bh] derivable beltPinktoes350 credits
[T] Bangle ChokerTidy400 credits
[T] Bangle EarringsTidy400 credits
{C}LayeredPurse [Deriv.]Jenschaos350 credits
Queen of Pentacles CrownDreamWeaver1350 credits
{C}FascinatorHat [Deriv]Jenschaos400 credits
H79 3D Hair Flower RightHarley1979375 credits
H79 3D Hair Flower LeftHarley1979375 credits
[HS] Teardrop Purse DEVHellstrong400 credits
[T] Circle Necklace OpacTidy400 credits
{C}CoffinBP [Deriviable]Jenschaos400 credits
H79 3D Hair Lotus LeftHarley1979375 credits
H79 3D Hair Lotus RightHarley1979375 credits
H79 3D Hair Calla LeftHarley1979375 credits
H79 3D Hair Calla RightHarley1979375 credits
[T] Earring FlowerTidy400 credits
*CC* Derivable HeadpieceCaz550 credits
R: Taurus Piercing [F]Rae300 credits
Female cracker jack hatrayfigs400 credits
Tradeswoman Square StudsMargaroite280 credits
R: Double Curved PlugsRae350 credits
[T] Bikini Chains V1Tidy400 credits
(KR) diamond chocker IIKingRalf332 credits
(KR) diamond choker IIIKingRalf332 credits
[HS] 2X Bridge PiercingHellstrong320 credits
*dl DRV LongElfEarPierceDarthLilias350 credits
[T] Cuffs Waist Chain V1Tidy400 credits
[HS] Bridge&Ear PiercingHellstrong320 credits
[T] Heart Collar OpacityTidy300 credits
[T] Heart Bracelet OpacTidy300 credits
(kr) bracelet III rightKingRalf332 credits
(kr) bracelet III leftKingRalf332 credits
[T] Gem Bracelet BandTidy300 credits
[HS] Bauble EarringsHellstrong320 credits
[T] Gem Drop EarringsTidy300 credits
[T] Gem Bracelet Band RTTidy300 credits
[T] Heart Bracelet OP RTTidy300 credits
[HS]Spiky Bauble earringHellstrong297 credits
{F} Deriv Choker w/ RingFinue350 credits
(kr) diamond earringsKingRalf332 credits
Add-On Peasant SleevesKittenKat450 credits
[G]FUNKY GUITAR Fguitarland650 credits
[T] Gun Waistband FemaleTidy500 credits
!L Layerable Nails w/OPLace400 credits
[T] Gem Collar OpacityTidy300 credits
*BD* Dev Cube EarringsBizzy400 credits
*BD* Dev Slice EarringBizzy400 credits
*BD* Dev Cassette/TapeBizzy400 credits
*BD* derivable earringsBizzy300 credits
(kr) chocker w heartKingRalf332 credits
[T] Necklace V1 OpacTidy400 credits
[T] Watch Female V1Tidy350 credits
*BD* Right Arm BandBizzy300 credits
~A~Hair Towel Derivable074085Arielle400 credits
*BD* Left Arm BandBizzy300 credits
[T] Female Watch V2Tidy350 credits
(kr) diamond anklet lKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond anklet rKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond collarKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond bellychainKingRalf332 credits
(kr) derivable collarKingRalf273 credits
{F} Derivble Face Mask FFinue350 credits
*BD* 2 Texture EarringsBizzy300 credits
*BD* Resting EarringsBizzy300 credits
[T] Gem Anklet LeftTidy350 credits
(kr) pearl collarKingRalf332 credits
(kr) pearl bracelet lKingRalf332 credits
(kr) pearl bracelet rKingRalf332 credits
(kr) ring collarKingRalf332 credits
(kr) ring bracelet lKingRalf332 credits
(kr) ring bracelet rKingRalf332 credits
*BD* Right Upper ArmBandBizzy300 credits
{C}DrawString[Derivable]Jenschaos400 credits
*BD* Left Upper ArmBandBizzy300 credits
*BD* High Arm Band RightBizzy300 credits
*BD* High Arm Band LeftBizzy300 credits
(kr) pearl necklaceKingRalf332 credits
*BD* Lolita Bow CollarBizzy400 credits
[T] Opacity Waist ChainTidy350 credits
[T] Gem Anklet 2 StrandTidy300 credits
*S* Charm BeltSpirit550 credits
*BD* Right AnkletBizzy300 credits
!L Arm Warmers DerivableLace375 credits
*BD* Left AnkletBizzy300 credits
*S* Big Buckle BeltSpirit550 credits
*AZ* Derivable Violinmiaka618370 credits
[T] Belly Piercing V1Tidy350 credits
*T* Tube SkirtEwe400 credits
[a] Flippin Baseball HatRyuPa400 credits
[T] Belly Piercing V2Tidy300 credits
~A~Hair Bow Derivable074085Arielle350 credits
*S* PIMPIN RINGSpirit300 credits
*BD* 3d Star EarringsBizzy400 credits
[HS] Moogle PomPom [F]Hellstrong325 credits
*dl DRV Corset PiercingDarthLilias350 credits
[G]BAGPIPE (4 FEMALES)guitarland670 credits
[T] Spiked Collar W/OpacTidy350 credits
{C}CirclePurse [Deriv]Jenschaos400 credits
*BD* 3d Heart EarringsBizzy400 credits
{C}BustierHandbag[Deriv]Jenschaos400 credits
R: Deriv. CoffinEarringsRae350 credits
R: Deriv. Coffin CollarRae350 credits
R: Deriv. Chain BraceletRae350 credits
R: Deriv. Chain BraceletRae350 credits
R: Deriv. CoffinBraceletRae350 credits
R: Deriv. CoffinBraceletRae350 credits
*BD* Cyber Left Arm BandBizzy400 credits
*BD* Cyber Right ArmBandBizzy400 credits
*BD* Cyber Both ArmBandsBizzy400 credits
~A~Darling Hat Derivable074085Arielle400 credits
Purple Crystal TriquestaDreamWeaver1350 credits
(kr) wrist/watch chainKingRalf332 credits
R: Derivable Hip Chain LRae350 credits
R: Derivable Hip Chain RRae350 credits
*BD*R Index Ring OpacityBizzy300 credits
!L Derivable ToastLace350 credits
*BD*L Index Ring OpacityBizzy300 credits
(kr) hip chain w pendantKingRalf332 credits
Collar with red jewelsMissMary64450 credits
Hair Planes [Dev]MarniDawg350 credits
IW Beach BagInventionWarehouse285 credits
..lu derivable ringLU76300 credits
[FCS] Double GoldOldhand030914365 credits
*BD* Left Garter OpacityBizzy300 credits
*BD* Right GarterOpacityBizzy300 credits
*T* Bottle Cap EaringsEwe350 credits
*Derivable Necklace*BurntDoll260 credits
DI Fingertip Ring F/M RDarkideas325 credits
{F} Deriv FullFaceMask FFinue350 credits
!L Layerable Jacket V2Lace451 credits
*BD* LinkCollar 2TextureBizzy300 credits
*BD* 3d Cube NecklaceBizzy400 credits
!L Note Card in mouthLace350 credits
*BD* Lower Belly RingBizzy300 credits
*BD* Upper Belly RingBizzy300 credits
*BD* Simple Head BandBizzy300 credits
*BD* Headband w/ PlanesBizzy350 credits
R: Derivable Mini HornsRae350 credits
*BD* Headband w/ Planes2Bizzy350 credits
Heart Shaped GlassesKittenKat350 credits
*BD* Link Collar Plane1Bizzy350 credits
*BD* Link Collar Plane2Bizzy350 credits
*S* Dainty ring DERIVABLSpirit350 credits
*S* Dainty ring DIAMONDSpirit350 credits
DI Lowdev Horns 2Darkideas350 credits
Red hearts beltMissMary64450 credits
*BD*LeftWristbandPipe FBizzy350 credits
*BD*RightWristbandPipe FBizzy350 credits
*Derivable Donut*BurntDoll300 credits
DI Fingertip Ring F/M LDarkideas325 credits
[T] Binoculars SlinkyTidy600 credits
Barbed Wire Collar DRV Fmercuria550 credits
*Derivable Kite EarringsBurntDoll300 credits
*Derivable Pillow*BurntDoll330 credits
PinkDaisy Hair Flower1LovedWarrior375 credits
PassiFlora Hair Flower1LovedWarrior450 credits
Hair Flower Daisy 2LovedWarrior400 credits
LG NecklaceKittenKat400 credits
[QD] Drv. SunglassesTota400 credits
[T] Handcuff BraceletTidy400 credits
[T] Ring Collar OpacityTidy350 credits
[T] Dollar Sign EarringsTidy400 credits
..lu derivable swordLU76500 credits
*Antena Bells Derivable*BurntDoll300 credits
{C}StoryBoxNecklaceJenschaos400 credits
{C}StoryBoxEarringsJenschaos400 credits
{C}StoryBoxBraceletJenschaos400 credits
{C}StoryBoxRingJenschaos400 credits
D2k-Red rose earringsDutchie2000545 credits
Cane 1 poseLovedWarrior500 credits
{C}TinLunchBox [Deriv]Jenschaos400 credits
D2k-Handheld roseDutchie2000700 credits
*Hair Bow Derivable*BurntDoll350 credits
[T] Necklace MaleTidy400 credits
D2k-Rose bellybuttonDutchie2000600 credits
D2k-Wedding-BouquetDutchie2000700 credits
Gerbera Daisy Choker1LovedWarrior500 credits
Snapdragons 3 colorsLovedWarrior500 credits
5 Piece JewelrySet 2 DRVmercuria576 credits
CL CuppyCake NecklaceCappy350 credits
Derivable Bangles - LEFTSinderella360 credits
Derivable Bangles -RIGHTSinderella360 credits
*BD* Pipe Collar FBizzy350 credits
*BD* Pipe Collar 2 FBizzy400 credits
Derivable Punk WristbandSinderella377 credits
[T] Necklace DollarTidy450 credits
[T] Necklace OpacityTidy400 credits
Derivable NecklaceSinderella349 credits
MLM Drv Sphere Earringsmelovesmac350 credits
[T] Bikini JewelryTidy400 credits
Der. Layerable StockingsSinderella400 credits
[T] Anklet BandTidy350 credits
[T] Anklet BeadsTidy350 credits
MLM Drv Spheres Necklacemelovesmac350 credits
[T] Handcuff NecklaceTidy450 credits
Derivable Layerable BeltSinderella380 credits
*BD* L Pipe Wristband FBizzy350 credits
*BD* R Pipe Wristband FBizzy350 credits
*BD* Spike Collar FBizzy350 credits
[T] Earrings OpacityTidy400 credits
[T] Belly Piercing BBWTidy400 credits
[T] Choker Gem BBWTidy400 credits
[T] Necklace Opacity BBWTidy400 credits
!L Anime Shape TutuLace350 credits
!L BBW TutuLace350 credits
MLM Drv Spheres Earringsmelovesmac350 credits
[T] DragonFly Earring ELTidy400 credits
[T] DragonFly Earring RLTidy400 credits
[T] Back Jewels V3Tidy400 credits
Dainty Gold/Diamond RingCassiopeia400 credits
*JJD*DerivableFeatherHatjustjewels350 credits
Red Spray PaintDreamWeaver1400 credits
[T] Bitch ChokerTidy500 credits
[T] Sexy ChokerTidy500 credits
[T] Kitty ChokerTidy500 credits
[T] Pet ChokerTidy500 credits
[T] Belly ButterflyTidy350 credits
[T] Dragonfly Earring RRTidy400 credits
[T] DragonFly Earring ERTidy400 credits
[T] ChokerTidy350 credits
*JJD*DerivableHairBowjustjewels350 credits
[T] Chain CollarTidy450 credits
[T] Back SpikesTidy400 credits
[T] Back SpikesTidy400 credits
MLM Drv Elf FEM Earringmelovesmac350 credits
MLM Drv Charm Braceletmelovesmac350 credits
Silver Grecian EarringsDreamWeaver1325 credits
R: Derivable ChestCharmsRae350 credits
R: Derivable ChestCharmsRae350 credits
(kr) female choker 4KingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond bracelet lKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond bracelet rKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond anklet leftKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond anklet righKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond earringsKingRalf332 credits
(kr) lip bling piercingKingRalf332 credits
(kr) nose bling piercingKingRalf332 credits
(kr) double piercingKingRalf332 credits
*BD* Ice Cream FBizzy300 credits
*BD* Double Ice Cream FBizzy300 credits
(kr) diamond chockerKingRalf332 credits
R: Derivable PinBadges FRae300 credits
(kr) diamond bracelet lKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond bracelet rKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond anklet leftKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond anklet righKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond earringsKingRalf332 credits
5 Piece Jewelry Set DRVmercuria576 credits
*JJD*RTDerivLolitaCuffjustjewels325 credits
*JJD*LFDerivLolitaCuffjustjewels325 credits
3 Stone RingDreamWeaver1325 credits
[T] Gem Series CalfTidy400 credits
*BD* Necklace FBizzy300 credits
[T] Gem Series ThighTidy400 credits
[T] Gem Series ForearmTidy400 credits
[T] Gem Series BicepTidy400 credits
Cleavage Piercing SilverCassiopeia400 credits
(kr) diamond chocker 4KingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond bracelet 4lKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond bracelet 4rKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond anklet 4lKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond anklet 4rKingRalf332 credits
(kr) diamond earrings 4KingRalf332 credits
(kr) eyebrow piercing lKingRalf332 credits
[QD] Drv. Right banglesTota350 credits
[QD] Drv. Left banglesTota350 credits
DI Lowdev Horns 1Darkideas350 credits
H79 Derivable Orchid LHarley1979375 credits
H79 Derivable Orchid RHarley1979375 credits
R+ Derv.R F ShoulderbandRammstein377 credits
R+ Derv.L F ShoulderbandRammstein377 credits
Grecian Key EarringsDreamWeaver1325 credits
H79 Bellybutton DiamondHarley1979350 credits
H79 Bellybutton 3 GemsHarley1979350 credits
H79 Bindi Head Gem 4Harley1979350 credits
H79 Bindi Head Gem 3Harley1979350 credits
H79 Bindi Head Gem 2Harley1979350 credits
H79 Bindi Head Gem 1Harley1979350 credits
*dl DRV Wyrm ElfEar Prc.DarthLilias350 credits
*dl DRV Nail Nose PierceDarthLilias300 credits
*dl DRV Brynn EarringsDarthLilias325 credits
*dl DRV Nail Bridge Prc.DarthLilias300 credits
H79 Bindi Head Gem StarHarley1979350 credits
DI Lowdev Horns 3Darkideas350 credits
R+ Derv. F ChainedCollarRammstein317 credits
H79 Bindi Head Gem MoonHarley1979350 credits
H79 Bindi Chaos StarHarley1979376 credits
BunnyBow LolitaHeadPieceMarniDawg400 credits
MG-The BATMorpherGoddess1000 credits
..lu derivable foulardLU76350 credits
siu- DEV pochettesiuxxy350 credits
siu-DEV handbang 1siuxxy350 credits
siu-DEV pursesiuxxy350 credits
..lu derivable hat 3LU76350 credits
siu-DEV handbag 2siuxxy350 credits
siu-DEV purse2siuxxy350 credits
siu-DEV purse3siuxxy350 credits
.. lu derivable braceletLU76300 credits
.. lu derivable earringsLU76303 credits
R: Derivable BeltRae330 credits
siu-DEV earringsiuxxy350 credits
[T] Spike EarringsTidy350 credits
[T] Gem Series ChestTidy426 credits
..lu derivable necklaceLU76376 credits
[T] Gem Series HeartTidy376 credits
Cotton Candy !!!gaf210427 credits
[T] Gem Series StarTidy376 credits
]S[ Mask2spilbers476 credits
BBR Derivable Queenly crbibirasta376 credits
siu-DRV bolero jacketsiuxxy376 credits
..lu derivable braceletsLU76327 credits
(kr) female hoopsKingRalf358 credits
*S* Dainty hand ring RgtSpirit376 credits
siu-future helmetsiuxxy376 credits
siu-DRV egjhelmetsiuxxy376 credits
siu-DRV soubrette wingssiuxxy376 credits
[W] Animated drool Fwiiing407 credits
siu-DRV hoodsiuxxy376 credits
*dlc - Fayrie Wyrm PrcDarthLilias376 credits
[T] Christmas StarTidy376 credits
*S* Duo Belly piercingSpirit376 credits
siu-DRV Long scraftsiuxxy376 credits
Floppy Santa HatCassiopeia400 credits
[G]ROCK DERIV GUITAR Fguitarland526 credits
*S* Tripple Ear spikesSpirit376 credits
jm| Witch BigHat FemaleJoeMuffa525 credits
*S* Bow EarringsSpirit376 credits
*S* Bow ChokerSpirit376 credits
*BD* Bandana FBizzy326 credits
(kr) diamond earrings 3KingRalf358 credits
*S* Safety Pin necklaceSpirit376 credits
*S* Safety Pin EaringsSpirit376 credits
*S* Curld SpikeSpirit376 credits
*S* Curl Spikes -duo-Spirit376 credits
*S* Curl Spike CollarSpirit376 credits
(kr) triangle earringsKingRalf358 credits
BBR 2 Arms braceletsbibirasta376 credits
[T] Christmas Star EarsTidy376 credits
(kr) star hoopsKingRalf358 credits
(kr) diamond earrings 4KingRalf358 credits
(kr) triangle diamondsKingRalf358 credits
(kr) cylinder earringsKingRalf358 credits
(kr) 3 circle hoopsKingRalf358 credits
(kr) spike earringsKingRalf358 credits
(kr) cross earringsKingRalf358 credits
*BD* Female ScarfBizzy326 credits
BBR Derivable Santa Hatbibirasta376 credits
*dl DRV TripleLip Def.DarthLilias326 credits
*dl DRV TripleLip Head3DarthLilias326 credits
*dl DRV TripleLip Head4DarthLilias326 credits
*dl DRV TripleLip StarltDarthLilias326 credits
*dl DRV TripleLip AiDarthLilias326 credits
*W* New Year Clock HatWhimsee444 credits
*W* NoiseMaker HornWhimsee426 credits
7 piece cuff meshDirili326 credits
DI HeadGear Solar FMDarkideas426 credits
siu-future helmet(v2)siuxxy446 credits
*AZ* Full Body Shawl Dermiaka618351 credits
RingTidy400 credits
*S* Fanny pack FSpirit376 credits
Furry 7 piece cuff meshDirili326 credits
[T] Ring Layered StonesTidy400 credits
]S[ Tribal Earringspilbers476 credits
]S[ Female Sword 1spilbers476 credits
[RED] Derivable FangsRedDragonDrow454 credits
[RED] Dev Fangs Head 4RedDragonDrow454 credits
[T] Ring Emerald CutTidy400 credits
[T] Ring HeartTidy400 credits
Leather Strap CollarRossenX676 credits
BBR Drvable Lng Necklacebibirasta326 credits
]S[ Headset Fspilbers476 credits
D~ Anyshape CollarDerivables576 credits
*S* Dainty hand ring LTSpirit376 credits
*S* Dainty hand ring RTSpirit376 credits
(PX)Derivable HaTPerlu300 credits
D~ Hat Ribbon FDerivables576 credits
[RED] Devable CrossRedDragonDrow341 credits
*BD* Left Nose RingBizzy326 credits
*BD* Right Nose RingBizzy326 credits
[RED] Devable Hair ModelRedDragonDrow327 credits
]S[ Female sword 2spilbers476 credits
[T] Marquis RingTidy400 credits
BBR DrvblLngGlovsHighDefbibirasta346 credits
[T] Diamond RingTidy400 credits
[T] Gem Series Heart V2Tidy400 credits
[F] Shiny Layerable NailFiresaph376 credits
[T] Tygon Back OpacityTidy400 credits
*L* Crown goldLissibel600 credits
*L* Gold crownLissibel600 credits
HappyHearts Set! DRVmercuria576 credits
*AZ* Arm Warmer Dervmiaka618351 credits
.RS.bad queenreinedestyle476 credits
!Cp Teddy Bears BouquetCupid581 credits
[m] All Ears! DRVmercuria426 credits
.RS.celestial wingsreinedestyle476 credits
.RS.supreme wingsreinedestyle476 credits
.RS. supreme crownreinedestyle476 credits
siu-DRV Sweater Hatsiuxxy476 credits
jm| DistoTube Hat F(DRV)JoeMuffa386 credits
siu- DRV heart bagsiuxxy350 credits
.RS.drv Basquereinedestyle350 credits
.RS. DRV veil headreinedestyle350 credits
siu- DRV leopard scarvsiuxxy400 credits
(PX)Derivable Long NailsPerlu295 credits
DI Lowdev Horns 4 FMDarkideas376 credits
[T] Bikini Jewelry StripTidy451 credits
DI Lowdev EarringsDarkideas376 credits
[T] Gem Choker OpacityTidy426 credits
BBR Drvble Bling Choker!bibirasta396 credits
[T] Bikini Jewelry OpacTidy451 credits
Semi-Visor [DERIVABLE]llAvalonll476 credits
CyberWings [DERIVABLE]llAvalonll426 credits
BBR BM LayerableStockingbibirasta346 credits
QE derivable bracelet sxQEroTiKAQ317 credits
(PX)Derivab Piercing/AccPerlu286 credits
QE lip piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
(PX)Deriv Set PiercingBLPerlu286 credits
QE derivable piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE derivable piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
BBR BM WearableGlittersbibirasta376 credits
DI Lowdev Dual RingDarkideas376 credits
*dl DRV Faerie Pierc. FDarthLilias376 credits
DI Lowdev Crown FMDarkideas376 credits
QE big piercing braceletQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Fan MaskllAvalonll426 credits
DI Lowdev Belly chainDarkideas376 credits
Fan Mask [no eyes]llAvalonll426 credits
QE punk collarQEroTiKAQ326 credits
piercing lip derivableDonaFlor363 credits
left piercing derivableDonaFlor363 credits
right piercing derivableDonaFlor363 credits
QE punk anklet leftQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE punk anklet rigthQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Bangle derivableDonaFlor363 credits
Spiked collar derivableDonaFlor363 credits
Spiked Anklet derivableDonaFlor363 credits
Spiked Anklet der. RIGHTDonaFlor363 credits
(PX)Derivable MaskPerlu286 credits
QE punk braceletQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE earrings piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE *high nose piercing*QEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE *nose piercing rt*QEroTiKAQ317 credits
Spiked bracelet deriv. LDonaFlor363 credits
curved plugs derivableDonaFlor363 credits
Piercing Stud Nose derivDonaFlor363 credits
Nose Ring derivable RDonaFlor363 credits
(PX)Derivable GlassesPerlu286 credits
(PX)D.AnySkinTatto/FronTPerlu291 credits
[m]WristCorsage Lftmercuria426 credits
[T] Gem Garter RightTidy400 credits
(kr) fem earpiercing RKingRalf363 credits
(kr) fem earpiercing LKingRalf363 credits
[T] Gem Garter LeftTidy400 credits
[T] Gem Armband RightTidy400 credits
QE earrings derivableQEroTiKAQ317 credits
[T] Gem Armband LeftTidy400 credits
.RS.DRV pearl necklacereinedestyle350 credits
.RS. DRV long necklacesreinedestyle350 credits
H79 Soft Top Hat FEMALEHarley1979400 credits
H79 Sm Top Hat FEMALEHarley1979400 credits
H79 Monroe Stud LHarley1979376 credits
H79 Monroe Stud RHarley1979376 credits
*S* Chunky EaringsSpirit376 credits
*S* Chunky Earing LSpirit376 credits
*S* Chunky Earing RSpirit376 credits
siu-drv wedding veilsiuxxy350 credits
(PX)Derivable HaloPerlu295 credits
MG-Anubis(F)MorpherGoddess1000 credits
Angelus HornsllAvalonll426 credits
*BD* Necklace F ver2Bizzy296 credits
Angelus Horns 2llAvalonll426 credits
Derivable KatanaDreamWeaver1351 credits
Spiked ChokerllAvalonll426 credits
Rose CrownllAvalonll426 credits
[RED] Piercing PackageRedDragonDrow500 credits
QE clingy bottomQEroTiKAQ317 credits
e` Derivable ChunkyEwe301 credits
(kr) fem earpiercing r 2KingRalf363 credits
(kr) fem earpiercing l 2KingRalf363 credits
(kr) easydev necklaceKingRalf390 credits
(kr) easydev ubracelet rKingRalf390 credits
(kr) easydev ubracelet lKingRalf390 credits
(kr) easydev earrringsKingRalf390 credits
(kr) easydev bracelet rKingRalf390 credits
(kr) easydev bracelet lKingRalf390 credits
(kr) easydev anklet lKingRalf390 credits
(kr) easydev anklet rKingRalf390 credits
BBR BM Leg Tattoobibirasta376 credits
Derivable Nose SpikesDonaFlor363 credits
Spiked Bracelet[R]llAvalonll426 credits
Spiked Bracelet[L]llAvalonll426 credits
Derivable earringsDonaFlor363 credits
MG_Horus(F)MorpherGoddess1000 credits
Spiked Snake derivableDonaFlor363 credits
Upper Belly RingDonaFlor363 credits
QE derivable snake spikeQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE Belly piercing derivQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE multi lip piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE multi earringsQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Multi Earrings derivableDonaFlor363 credits
Multi Snakebite derivablDonaFlor363 credits
.RS.DRV necklacereinedestyle350 credits
.RS.DRV love necklacereinedestyle400 credits
.RS.DRV butterfly neckreinedestyle400 credits
.RS.DRV lace necklacereinedestyle400 credits
.RS.DRV necklace(v2)reinedestyle350 credits
EV Small HORNS Derivableexcelsiavoom327 credits
EV FANGS Derivable smallexcelsiavoom350 credits
[FCS] Nicole Piercingscrystaldiamond376 credits
[T] Bell Anklet RightTidy426 credits
[T] Bell Bracelet LeftTidy426 credits
[T] Bell Bracelet RightTidy426 credits
[T] Bell NecklaceTidy426 credits
Hair RosesllAvalonll426 credits
[MJA]Biker Glasses Fem DMJAInc404 credits
No More Bald! in ObsidiaDreamWeaver1426 credits
DK>Mistress Collar FDuKratha376 credits
EV BELT Derivable Femaleexcelsiavoom350 credits
QE derivable armbandQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Demon TailllAvalonll426 credits
QE derivable nose doubleQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE multi nose piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
(MI) Derivable Earringmimitan316 credits
DK>Diamond Choker FDuKratha436 credits
QE spiked collar pyramidQEroTiKAQ317 credits
*DoNa*GothicCollar DerivDonaFlor363 credits
Derivable Ring CollarDonaFlor363 credits
*W* Masquerade MaskWhimsee409 credits
[cor] Baton for femaleCorvoTorvo576 credits
QE spiked bracelet leftQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE spiked bracelet rigthQEroTiKAQ317 credits
(MI) Collar Queenmimitan326 credits
[m] Corsage BigFleurmercuria426 credits
QE earringsQEroTiKAQ317 credits
[D]Deriv. Head FunnelDeallyra455 credits
[m] Awareness Ribbonmercuria376 credits
.RS.DRV earringsreinedestyle300 credits
QE sphere bracelet leftQEroTiKAQ317 credits
.RS.DRV earrings2reinedestyle300 credits
QE sphere bracelet rightQEroTiKAQ317 credits
*DoNa*Derivable ArmbandDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*GothSpikeBracel.LTDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*GothSpikeBracel.RTDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Hoop EarringsDonaFlor363 credits
Dice Necklace [F]llAvalonll426 credits
QE Sphere EarringsQEroTiKAQ317 credits
EV Derivable Collar Fexcelsiavoom341 credits
*DoNa* Ebrow piercings FDonaFlor363 credits
QE Ipanema EarringsQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE cheek piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Mega Jewelry Set MeshDirili376 credits
Derivable Tongue PiercinDreamWeaver1426 credits
~DP22~Vertical labretDutchprincess22326 credits
*DoNa* derivable cheekDonaFlor363 credits
QE pendant earringsQEroTiKAQ317 credits
*DoNa*Bracelet Band der.DonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Circular EarringsDonaFlor363 credits
[G]STAR GUITAR + POSESguitarland626 credits
QE Vintage earrings der.QEroTiKAQ317 credits
Lolita UmbrellallAvalonll426 credits
.RS.DRV unique wingreinedestyle300 credits
.RS.DRVcollar pearlsreinedestyle400 credits
.RS.DRVearrings pearlreinedestyle400 credits
.RS.DRV Ribbon Hatreinedestyle400 credits
.RS.DRV boareinedestyle400 credits
QE earring sparkleQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE thumb ring rt deriveQEroTiKAQ317 credits
.RS.DRV bow hatreinedestyle400 credits
QE vintage middle ringQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE jewel ring derivableQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Dice ChokerllAvalonll426 credits
.RS.DRV fairy wingsreinedestyle300 credits
(PX)Derivable Add-a-BowPerlu295 credits
[FCS] Jewels Left Wristcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Right Wristcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Right Calfcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Left Calfcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Right Armcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Left Armcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Lf ForeArmcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Rt ForeArmcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Right Thighcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Jewels Left Thighcrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Diamond Earringscrystaldiamond376 credits
[FCS] Diamond Necklacecrystaldiamond376 credits
BBR Real Bling Earringsbibirasta396 credits
EV DEV Ringo Collar FEMexcelsiavoom341 credits
BBR Bling Bracelet [L]bibirasta396 credits
BBR Bling Bracelet [R]bibirasta396 credits
QE lip piercing -center-QEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE lip piercing -Left-QEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE eyebrows piercingQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE eyebrows piercing *rtQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE eyebrows piercing *lfQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE nose piercing *centerQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE nose piercing ringQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE nose piercing *leftQEroTiKAQ317 credits
*S* Cookie Jar FSpirit326 credits
QE nose piercing *rightQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Mega Jewelry Set Mesh V2Dirili376 credits
(PX)Derivable Set VeilsPerlu286 credits
QE jewel bracelet *leftQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE jewel bracelet *rightQEroTiKAQ377 credits
QE jewel collarQEroTiKAQ377 credits
QE spiral bracelet *rtQEroTiKAQ317 credits
QE spiral bracelet *lfQEroTiKAQ317 credits
Arm Tuff RllAvalonll426 credits
Arm Tuff LllAvalonll426 credits
Lynx EarsllAvalonll426 credits
Deers EarsllAvalonll426 credits
Derivable Book [F]KittenKat350 credits
*HJ* FWG.EarringsHujimusume301 credits
Cat EarsllAvalonll426 credits
*DoNa*Multi Bangles LDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Multi Bangles RDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Globose Hoop DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Hanging EarringsDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Princely EarringsDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Hoop Earrings DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Dangle earringsDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Thumb Ring DRV RDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Layerable Ring DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Oval & Balls RingDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Piercing Stud LipDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Piercing Stud faceDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Piercing Stud EyeRDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Piercing Stud EyeLDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Septum DerivableDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Piercing RingNoseRDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Piercing RingNoseLDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Pearl Bangle L DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Pearl Bangle R DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Pearl Choker DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Twist Bangle R DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Twist Bangle L DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Milled Bangle RDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Milled Bangle LDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Milled CollarDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Candy CollarDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Barbell Ring L DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Gipsy Hoops DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Chunky Bangle LTDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Chunky Bangle RTDonaFlor363 credits
*Dona*Open Cuff L DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*Dona*Open Cuff R DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*Dona*Big Bows Hair DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Hand Bow DRVDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Flounces Skirt DRVDonaFlor363 credits
[cor] Electrics EarringsCorvoTorvo526 credits
*HJ* FWG.NailsHujimusume326 credits
QE dev bracelet doubleQEroTiKAQ377 credits
QE dev bracelet doubleQEroTiKAQ377 credits
QE derivable collarsQEroTiKAQ377 credits
[cor] Animated earringsCorvoTorvo776 credits
Fennec EarsllAvalonll426 credits
Shoulder FurllAvalonll426 credits
DK>Onyx Choker FDuKratha436 credits
DK>Ruby Choker FDuKratha436 credits
DK>Sapphire Choker FDuKratha436 credits
[m] Drop Earrings DRV Rmercuria426 credits
[m] Drop Earrings DRV Fmercuria426 credits
Leg Fur [R]llAvalonll426 credits
Leg Fur [L]llAvalonll426 credits
Fluffy TailllAvalonll426 credits
QE handcuffs deriv. *RTErotique363 credits
QE handcuffs deriv. *LFErotique363 credits
QE barbed wire deriv.*RTErotique363 credits
QE barbed wire deriv.*LFErotique363 credits
[m]agic Necklace DRVmercuria376 credits
[m]agic Belt DRVmercuria376 credits
QE *spiked*collarErotique317 credits
[m]agic Arm Cuffs DRVmercuria426 credits
[m]agic Leg Cuffs DRVmercuria426 credits
(kr) f nosechain rightKingRalf372 credits
(kr) f nosechain leftKingRalf372 credits
[CS] Chibi Hat - DERVCupcakeSuicide476 credits
Damaged Cat EarsllAvalonll426 credits
QE *spiked bracelet RTErotique317 credits
QE *spiked bracelet LFErotique317 credits
QE wrist piercing lf-rtErotique317 credits
DK>Pet Tag Collar FDuKratha436 credits
Bilby EarsllAvalonll426 credits
[m]agic Collar DRVmercuria326 credits
[T] Diamond Ring DaintyTidy476 credits
QE spiked*collar TEXTUREErotique499 credits
derv.fem.right.wristbandRalf363 credits
derv.fem.left.wristbandRalf363 credits
derv.fem.belt.or.chainRalf363 credits
WhiskersllAvalonll426 credits
Whiskers 2llAvalonll426 credits
Walrus MoustachellAvalonll426 credits
F. Rod of EyesVampycore376 credits
QE *forearm spiked RT-LFErotique317 credits
[cor] BellyButton SpiralCorvoTorvo476 credits
[cor] bellyButton ballsCorvoTorvo476 credits
*Dona*Double GothForearmDonaFlor363 credits
Wind Mill ToyllAvalonll426 credits
Hot Trends BeltDreamWeaver1386 credits
Ferret TailllAvalonll426 credits
Armadillo CarapacellAvalonll426 credits
Bell ChokerllAvalonll426 credits
.V. Hearts Earring DerivLordVanir409 credits
(kr) fem right armringsKingRalf363 credits
(kr) fem left armringsKingRalf363 credits
Nine TailsllAvalonll526 credits
.V. Smile Earrings DerivLordVanir409 credits
.V. Spike Collar DerivLordVanir409 credits
~JRB~ Raven Wings ShadesJetRavenBlack376 credits
Head WingsllAvalonll426 credits
F Tiara DERIVABLEyokoed475 credits
Hair butterfly largeXxHildekexX454 credits
Hair butterfly mediumXxHildekexX454 credits
Hair butterfly smallXxHildekexX454 credits
Grabby TailllAvalonll426 credits
Uni HornllAvalonll376 credits
[m] Magic Garters DRVmercuria376 credits
*Dona*Kandi-Girl BottomDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa* derivable ButtonsDonaFlor363 credits
[cor] Stars eyebrowCorvoTorvo476 credits
DI Lowdev Collar FMDarkideas376 credits
QE action 1stErotique363 credits
Elf EarsllAvalonll426 credits
*BD* Spike Bandana FBizzy326 credits
[FCS] Warrior Lt ForeArmcrystaldiamond476 credits
[FCS] Warrior Rt ForeArmcrystaldiamond476 credits
[cor] Superstar EarringsCorvoTorvo446 credits
[FCS] 3 Rows Emeraldscrystaldiamond476 credits
[FCS] Jewelled Slavecrystaldiamond476 credits
[FCS] Ringed Jewel Slavecrystaldiamond476 credits
*S* 9 Peice spikesSpirit426 credits
*LI* Deriv Key EarringsLustInc373 credits
QE head bow derivableErotique408 credits
[m] Magic Suitcase DRVmercuria351 credits
[m] TuTu Layerable DRVmercuria376 credits
[m] Flower Left Ear DRVmercuria376 credits
[m] Flower Right Ear DRVmercuria376 credits
Elizabethan collar addonDirili326 credits
Cat TailllAvalonll426 credits
[m] Fair Wreath DRVmercuria376 credits
drv.fem.bracelets.leftRalf408 credits
(kr) fem R fingerringKingRalf335 credits
drv.fem.spiralbracelet.rRalf363 credits
drv.fem.spiralbracelet.lRalf363 credits
drv.fem.spiral.earringsRalf354 credits
[m] Earrings Box DRVmercuria351 credits
[m] Earrings Circle DRVmercuria351 credits
.V. ItsyLordVanir364 credits
*S* Middle finger Claw RSpirit426 credits
K| 3D Spiked GlovesKimi386 credits
*BD* Derivable NoseChainBizzy326 credits
*BD* Derivable NoseChainBizzy326 credits
*B* Derive Collar PlanesBizzy326 credits
[HS] Assasins Mask DEVHellstrong476 credits
LT Derivable Tramp StampLollipopTrollop363 credits
3D Diamond NecklaceDreamWeaver1476 credits
*DoNa*Derivable NecklaceDonaFlor363 credits
[m] Wedding Garter LFmercuria351 credits
[m] Wedding Garter RTmercuria351 credits
*DoNa*Derivable PearlDonaFlor363 credits
*DoNa*Classy NecklaceDonaFlor363 credits
LT Derivable Back TattooLollipopTrollop363 credits
LT Derive Belly TattooLollipopTrollop363 credits
[CP] F Ring LH RF 2MrTeebes376 credits
LT Derivable Chest TatooLollipopTrollop363 credits
3D Diamond EarringsDreamWeaver1376 credits
QE dainty hands ring SXErotique363 credits
QE dainty hd ring doubleErotique363 credits
[CP] A F Ring RH RF 2MrTeebes376 credits
QE dainty hands ring DXErotique363 credits
Derivable Brickhouse TatLollipopTrollop376 credits
drv.fem.diamond.necklaceRalf435 credits
drv.fem.diamond.brace.LRalf435 credits
drv.fem.diamond.brace.RRalf435 credits
drv.fem.diamond.anklet.LRalf435 credits
drv.fem.diamond.anklet.RRalf435 credits
drv.fem.heart.belly.diamRalf417 credits
Derivable Brickhouse TatLollipopTrollop376 credits
drv.fem.heart.chest.studRalf417 credits
drv.fem.necklace.pendantRalf399 credits
(kr) fem left chestbadgeKingRalf335 credits
*DoNa* Pearl EarringsDonaFlor363 credits
[cor] Laser RingCorvoTorvo476 credits
QE necklaces derivableErotique363 credits
drv.fem.7x.accessoriesRalf390 credits
QE monroe bling RTErotique363 credits
-Dx- Liziaah Hands V1DeriveX364 credits
(kr) fem diamond chokerKingRalf390 credits
(kr) diamond wristband RKingRalf390 credits
(kr) diamond wristband LKingRalf390 credits
(kr) diamond anklet LKingRalf390 credits
(kr) diamond anklet RKingRalf390 credits
QE monroe bling LTErotique363 credits
QE monroe bling CENTERErotique363 credits
QE double ear piercing LErotique363 credits
QE double ear piercing RErotique363 credits
QE nose spike piercingErotique363 credits
QE *snake bite*Erotique363 credits
QE *snake bite double*Erotique363 credits
QE multi nose blingErotique363 credits
QE derivable lace hatErotique363 credits
Silver Beaded ChokerDreamWeaver1426 credits
QE deriv. *summerhat*Erotique363 credits
e' Glass Bottle - HeldEwe376 credits
QE Any Skin Belly TattooErotique363 credits
QE ear stretching RtErotique363 credits
QE stretching LtErotique363 credits
QE back piercing *deriv.Erotique363 credits
QE back neck derivableErotique363 credits
QE thumb ring *dainty*LTErotique363 credits
QE thumb ring *dainty*RTErotique363 credits
[m] Tiara DRVmercuria351 credits
QE ear piercing RightErotique363 credits
.V. Calf Bow L DeriveLordVanir350 credits
.V. Calf Bow R DeriveLordVanir350 credits
QE Trilogy Ring LT drvErotique363 credits
QE Trilogy Ring RT drvErotique363 credits
QE Solitaire Ring RT drvErotique363 credits
QE Solitaire Ring LT drvErotique363 credits
QE Bridle Chain Deriv. RErotique363 credits
QE Bridle Chain Deriv. LErotique363 credits
QE Bridle Chain Labret RErotique363 credits
QE Bridle Chain Labret LErotique363 credits
QE layerable bracelet RErotique363 credits
QE punk bracelet RErotique363 credits
QE big piercing bracel RErotique363 credits
QE *nose piercing lt*Erotique363 credits
QE multi earrings *ltErotique363 credits
QE derivable armband RErotique363 credits
QE thumb ring lt deriveErotique363 credits
QE vintage middle ring LErotique363 credits
QE jewel ring derivabl LErotique363 credits
QE ear piercing LeftErotique363 credits
[GB] Derivable UmbrellaGamerBaby364 credits
*B* Derive MaskBizzy296 credits
*B* Layerable StockingsBizzy326 credits
Extra Long Earrings MeshDirili301 credits
Fur Lined Cape (female)Dirili336 credits
LH Diamond Ring DaintyCassiopeia364 credits
[m] Engagement Ring DRVmercuria526 credits
QE Derivable Garter RtErotique363 credits
[MS]Masques Mesh 299marrisafy299 credits
QE Derivable Garter LfErotique363 credits
QE derivable bracelet RtErotique363 credits
QE derivable bracelet LFErotique363 credits
QE derivable armband RtErotique363 credits
QE derivable armband LFErotique363 credits
QE derivable chockersErotique363 credits
Wedding Set (Dainty)Cassiopeia386 credits
.V. F Derivable NecklaceLordVanir350 credits
[MS]Earring Mesh 299marrisafy299 credits
[MS]Necklace Mesh 299marrisafy299 credits
[MS]Bracelet Mesh 299marrisafy299 credits
[MS]Anklets Mesh 299marrisafy299 credits
Layerable Camo HairllAvalonll376 credits
LW - Hair Rose LeftLovedWarrior576 credits
LW-Hair Rose RightLovedWarrior576 credits
QE derivable Anklet *lfErotique363 credits
QE derivable Anklet *rtErotique363 credits
QE Classy Earrings derivErotique363 credits
[MS]Glasses Derivablemarrisafy299 credits
[MS]Watch Meshmarrisafy299 credits
RuffledCatEaredHeadbandDirili306 credits
[GB]Dv Apocalyptica MaskGamerBaby500 credits
DI Lowdev FM Crown Mk2Darkideas376 credits
[MS](F)Anklet RightDerivmarrisafy299 credits
[MS](F)ANklet LeftDerivemarrisafy299 credits
[MS](F)Left Watch Meshesmarrisafy299 credits
[MS](F)Waist Derivablemarrisafy299 credits
[MS](F)PirateBelly Chainmarrisafy299 credits
[MS]Purse RightDerivablemarrisafy299 credits
[MS]Purse Left Derivablemarrisafy299 credits
[MS](F)Ring Derivable299marrisafy299 credits
[m] Earrings Balls DRVmercuria326 credits
[m] Flower Earrings DRVmercuria376 credits
*B* Derive Arm TattoosBizzy326 credits
[MS](F)Necklace Derivablmarrisafy299 credits
[MS](F)Diamond Ringmarrisafy299 credits
*21* LIB21 hat DRVLadyInBlack21426 credits
[m] Flower Bracelet DRVmercuria363 credits
[m]Bajoran Earring DRVmercuria376 credits
*S* Bolt NecklaceSpirit346 credits
*S* Bolt EaringsSpirit346 credits
*S* Bolt RingSpirit346 credits
*S* Bolt3 NecklaceSpirit346 credits
*S* Bolt Dainty RingSpirit346 credits
*S* Oval EaringsSpirit346 credits
*S* Oval Dainty HandSpirit346 credits
*S* Oval BraceletSpirit346 credits
*S* Oval ChokerSpirit346 credits
*S* Oval NecklaceSpirit346 credits
*S* Oval RingSpirit346 credits
*S* Oval Earings LargeSpirit346 credits
DD Daggers FRossenX908 credits
!PoE! Boob Tattoo LeftPrincessofErised454 credits
[cor] Dragonfly WingsCorvoTorvo776 credits
[F] Layerable Gun BeltFiresaph326 credits
QE action 2.ndErotique363 credits
[T] Gown Waist JewelryTidy576 credits
[T] Gown BroachTidy576 credits
[GB] Devable Bullring FGamerBaby318 credits
[GB]Dev Single AntibrowGamerBaby300 credits
[T] Gown NecklaceTidy576 credits
[m] Ear Swabs DRVmercuria326 credits
[m] LoliCake Hat DRVmercuria376 credits
[m] 3StoneRing RIGHT DRVmercuria526 credits
[m] LoliShrimp Hat DRVmercuria376 credits
[m] Channel Set Lf DRVmercuria426 credits
[m] Channel Set Rgt DRVmercuria426 credits
[m] Ring Baguette LF DRVmercuria426 credits
[m] Ring Baguette Rt DRVmercuria426 credits
QE jewel ring derivableErotique363 credits
QE jewel ring deriv. *lfErotique363 credits
QE jewel ring dainty *lfErotique363 credits
QE jewel ring dainty *rtErotique363 credits
*S* RosetteSpirit326 credits
*S* Square Bangle LSpirit326 credits
*S* Square Bangle RSpirit326 credits
[W] 3D necklace Derivablwiiing426 credits
QE ring dainty derivableErotique363 credits
QE ring *rt- derivableErotique363 credits
QE ring *lf- derivableErotique363 credits
QE ring dainty derivableErotique363 credits
*S* Fierce GloveSpirit426 credits
*S* Dainty Thumb LeftSpirit396 credits
*S* Dainty Thumb RightSpirit396 credits
[m] LoliBaconmercuria351 credits
*S* HARDCORE SPIKESSpirit476 credits
[W] Derivable Bracelet Rwiiing426 credits
[W] Wide Collar Topwiiing376 credits
[GB] Dev Lolita CuffsGamerBaby350 credits
[GB]Dev Lolita Cuff/GlveGamerBaby364 credits
[m]Baguette Earrings DRVmercuria376 credits
*Dona*Bling Anklet Drv LDonaFlor363 credits
*Dona*Bling Anklet Drv RDonaFlor363 credits
*Dona* Ring Lip Deriv LTDonaFlor363 credits
*Dona* Ring Lip Deriv RTDonaFlor363 credits
*B* 3D Any Necklace FBizzy326 credits
*B* 3D Any Bracelet F LBizzy296 credits
*B* 3D Any Bracelet F RBizzy296 credits
+Lolita Hat+ DerivablePharmacist376 credits
[W] Bracelet Mesh V2Rwiiing426 credits
[W] Bracelet Mesh V2Lwiiing426 credits
[W] Bead N plane earringwiiing426 credits
[GB] Dev 2-Sided Disc(F)GamerBaby364 credits
QE Thigh jewel DerivableErotique363 credits
[GB] Dev Mouth Rose (F)GamerBaby364 credits
EV DEV Hoop EarringsEV363 credits
[W] Derivable Bracelet Lwiiing426 credits
[aba] Pat set 8 jewelsBruttoAssassino676 credits
QE gas mask derivable *fErotique363 credits
[aba] serpent collarBruttoAssassino476 credits
[m] Baguette Bracelet RTmercuria361 credits
[aba] Anklet right serpBruttoAssassino451 credits
[aba] Anklet left serpBruttoAssassino451 credits
[aba] Bracelet right FemBruttoAssassino451 credits
[aba] Bracelet left serpBruttoAssassino451 credits
[aba] Armband right serpBruttoAssassino451 credits
[aba] Armband left serpBruttoAssassino451 credits
[aba] garter rightBruttoAssassino451 credits
[aba] garter left serpBruttoAssassino451 credits
Anyskin Back Tattoo V2Cassiopeia345 credits
[aba] Set of 8 jewels FBruttoAssassino426 credits
[m] CarrotNose Femal DRVmercuria326 credits
{F} Shaggy Wizard Hat FFinue375 credits
*S™Derivable Nose StapleSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Dia TearsSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Belly BlingSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivabl Drop EarringSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Top HatSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Head BlingsSinFobia363 credits
[m] Spork on Nose Femmercuria326 credits
[C] Derivable Bella RingCerberus426 credits
[aba] Multicolor nailsBruttoAssassino376 credits
[aba] small feet + nailsBruttoAssassino386 credits
*HJ* FCB.W RightHujimusume375 credits
*S™Hand Ribbons derivablSinFobia363 credits
*S™SunGlasses derivablSinFobia363 credits
*S™Nail Nose Piercing RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Nail Nose Piercing LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Double Lip RingSinFobia363 credits
*S™Ribbon Collar derivabSinFobia363 credits
*HJ* FVK.Monocle - RightHujimusume350 credits
[aba] Nancy earrings aniBruttoAssassino476 credits
Derivable Cuff [L]Fixated361 credits
Derivable Cuff [R]Fixated361 credits
[aba] Neck great breastBruttoAssassino426 credits
Deriv. Bella Ring indexCerberus476 credits
[cor] Dress brooch animCorvoTorvo476 credits
[cor] Pearl earringsCorvoTorvo426 credits
[m]Dainty Engagement Lftmercuria376 credits
*S* Furry MuffsSpirit426 credits
derivable earringsxolollieox376 credits
derivable long earringsxolollieox376 credits
derivable gold earringsxolollieox376 credits
{F} Derivab. Haversack FFinue376 credits
*Dona* Fem Necklace DerDonaFlor363 credits
QE Bad Romance Mask*dervErotique500 credits
QE Bad Romance ActionErotique454 credits
Spiked PinkKissesInc401 credits
Pencil in Ear - Girlsroknrollangel309 credits
[aba] Bell earrings animBruttoAssassino626 credits
[aba] Deriv bell earringBruttoAssassino376 credits
[aba] 93 piercing + earrBruttoAssassino526 credits
[aba] derivable maskBruttoAssassino376 credits
[cor] timid womanCorvoTorvo575 credits
QE Dainty Index 2 RingsErotique363 credits
QE Sphere ring dainty LFErotique363 credits
Lite Sabre - Blueroknrollangel476 credits
QE Sphere ring dainty RTErotique363 credits
*S Simple BandSpirit326 credits
[cor] Dainty Hand RingCorvoTorvo526 credits
[aba] Queen EarringsBruttoAssassino576 credits
3D Any Shape Tiara/CrownKittenKat377 credits
+The Doll+ Bonnet MeshV2Pharmacist376 credits
*DoNa*Circular Barbell FDonaFlor363 credits
[GB] Dev Xbox Live Mic FGamerBaby364 credits
[T] Dice Bracelet RTTidy476 credits
[aba] Spider collarBruttoAssassino541 credits
[T] Handcuff Necklace V2Tidy476 credits
[aba] Rita earrings animBruttoAssassino426 credits
[T] Lipstick NecklaceTidy476 credits
Versatile Neckwear(Der.)Cassiopeia1156 credits
DI Lectro Horns FMDarkideas376 credits
elegants sparkles derivaxolollieox396 credits
DI Chanied Back Spikes FDarkideas476 credits
DI Arm Spikes FMDarkideas476 credits
DI Chained Leg Spikes FDarkideas476 credits
exquisite beauty deriv.xolollieox396 credits
(kr) thin band w pendantKingRalf390 credits
(kr) cube necklace w penKingRalf390 credits
(kr) big necklaceKingRalf326 credits
(kr) slave chain chokerKingRalf408 credits
(kr) elegant chokerKingRalf390 credits
(kr) spike chokerKingRalf363 credits
(kr) spike bracelets L&RKingRalf390 credits
stars&heart belly blingxolollieox376 credits
nose chain & earrings dexolollieox376 credits
(kr) blingcollar pendantKingRalf399 credits
(kr) wild spike collar FKingRalf381 credits
(kr) chain choker w pendKingRalf408 credits
[GB] Derivable ToastGamerBaby364 credits
exclusive beauty2 deriv.xolollieox386 credits
[GB] Dev Daggers/PosesGamerBaby409 credits
Crystal EarringsDreamWeaver1426 credits
[aba] Right pearls RingBruttoAssassino626 credits
[GB] Dev Sushi TableGamerBaby364 credits
Crystal Navi EarringsDreamWeaver1426 credits
[GB] Dev Spiked CollarGamerBaby364 credits
[GB] Dev Heart PacifierGamerBaby364 credits
Derivable Any-shape Masknaboocat409 credits
[GB] Dev Cat Toy MouseGamerBaby364 credits
[T] Chest Gems V2Tidy476 credits
[T] Bridle Lower SetTidy476 credits
+StrawBerry+ Purse MeshPharmacist377 credits
DK>Pet Ring Collar (f)DuKratha426 credits
[aba] Derivable braceletBruttoAssassino476 credits
[aba] Derivable ankletBruttoAssassino476 credits
[aba] Anklet + braceletBruttoAssassino526 credits
White Gnome Hat V1 (FemaDreamWeaver1426 credits
White Gnome Hat V2 (FemaDreamWeaver1426 credits
White Gnome Hat V3 (FemaDreamWeaver1426 credits
White Gnome Hat V4 (FemaDreamWeaver1426 credits
Pink DaisyDreamWeaver1426 credits
White Gnome Hat V5 (FemaDreamWeaver1426 credits
(kr) red diamond chokerKingRalf399 credits
(kr) star cleavage piercKingRalf408 credits
hearts & gems derivablexolollieox376 credits
heart & gems earrings dexolollieox376 credits
[aba] LittleDoll earringBruttoAssassino576 credits
[GB] Dev Carton DrinkGamerBaby364 credits
[aba] Dove on shoulderBruttoAssassino626 credits
[aba] Chain belt animateBruttoAssassino576 credits
E| Dev: Glove / LeftEccentrixx376 credits
E| Dev: Glove / RightEccentrixx376 credits
Rotary Wing Hat Meshnaboocat409 credits
[GB] Dev Mouth UMD (F)GamerBaby364 credits
!@ Money earringsBruttoAssassino476 credits
!@ Square glasses blueBruttoAssassino576 credits
(kr) 2 diamonds leftKingRalf390 credits
(kr) 2 diamonds rightKingRalf390 credits
DK>Baphomet Necklace FDuKratha586 credits
!@ pearl drop animatedBruttoAssassino576 credits
(kr) 2 row diamondsKingRalf417 credits
[cor] female hat animateCorvoTorvo626 credits
[apj] derivable necklaceapjanah363 credits
[cor] Animated hat longCorvoTorvo676 credits
!@ Hearts necklaceBruttoAssassino526 credits
[apj] derivable neckl 2apjanah363 credits
[apj] derivable chokerapjanah363 credits
[apj] derivable earringsapjanah363 credits
[apj] derivable ringapjanah363 credits
(kr) diamond ringKingRalf454 credits
(kr) diamond ring daintyKingRalf454 credits
[apj] Bracelet leftapjanah363 credits
[apj] Bracelet rightapjanah363 credits
*S* Tool Belt DerivableSpirit426 credits
*S* Military HatSpirit396 credits
*S* Military EpaulettesSpirit376 credits
E| Dev: Anyskin Fae EarsEccentrixx476 credits
[ART] Earrings Thick FArtaras350 credits
X Double Length Spikes FQuit309 credits
X F CurvedSpks ShBand LQuit309 credits
X F CurvedSpks ShBand RQuit309 credits
X F Chained Spike CollarQuit327 credits
*S* Crop!Spirit376 credits
(kr) ring 2 regular handKingRalf454 credits
(kr) ring 2 dainty handKingRalf454 credits
(kr) ring 3 regular handKingRalf454 credits
(kr) ring 3 dainty handKingRalf454 credits
(kr) ring 4 regular handKingRalf454 credits
(kr) ring 4 dainty handKingRalf454 credits
bIT bLOOD bAG (fem)bitcisneros526 credits
!@ Nose that drips anim.BruttoAssassino576 credits
X Army SpikeShldrCollr FQuit327 credits
[ART] Ring Mesh R F DHArtaras350 credits
*S* Spiked EpauletsSpirit326 credits
!@ Animated earringsBruttoAssassino626 credits
[ART] Garter Mesh Left FArtaras350 credits
[GB] Dev Long ScarfGamerBaby364 credits
[ART] Garter Mesh RightFArtaras350 credits
[apj] derivable NL B 1apjanah363 credits
[apj] derivable NL B 2apjanah363 credits
[apj] deriv ring 3 pearlapjanah363 credits
fDERiVABLE TRiGGER MUSiCPetratos275 credits
[apj] deriv armband Rapjanah363 credits
E| Dev: Hoops w/ OpacEccentrixx400 credits
[HS] Round Diamond StudsHellstrong376 credits
[HS] Collar FHellstrong401 credits
E| Dev: Anyskin BellyTatEccentrixx400 credits
*S* JANGGAY NailsSpirit326 credits
Derivable CrabHat FemaleDnutt20X6525 credits
(kr) fun spike chokerKingRalf303 credits
!@ Sparkle earringsBruttoAssassino576 credits
*S* Slayer SwordSpirit376 credits
Dev.Hoop EarringsLawcatt509327 credits
X F Slug EyesQuit336 credits
(kr) steampunk chokerKingRalf408 credits
!@ 3 butterflyes on headBruttoAssassino626 credits
^F^Garter w/ Pendant (R)Fyrbal386 credits
^F^Garter w/ Pendant (L)Fyrbal386 credits
BT|Matilde earringsBlatutis376 credits
BT|Matilde GlassesBlatutis376 credits
^F^BM Garter/Pendant (R)Fyrbal409 credits
^F^BM Garter/Pendant (L)Fyrbal409 credits
(kr) long screwed hatKingRalf454 credits
!@ Sparkle bracelet RighBruttoAssassino476 credits
!@ Sparkle bracelet RighBruttoAssassino476 credits
Dina Doll Mesh*AccessoryPharmacist575 credits
!@ Armed leg left FemaleBruttoAssassino576 credits
Derivable Ring Nklace FBop2it376 credits
[HS] Teardrop Purse V2Hellstrong426 credits
Mu Derive Chain ChokerMeshedUp318 credits
Mu Derive Hoops & CuffsMeshedUp318 credits
Mu Dev R Chains BangleMeshedUp318 credits
Mu Dev L Chains BangleMeshedUp318 credits
Mu Dev Long NecklaceMeshedUp318 credits
Mu Derivable Long NailsMeshedUp318 credits
(kr) colorful bracelet LKingRalf408 credits
(kr) colorful bracelet RKingRalf408 credits
(kr) double spikes RKingRalf399 credits
(kr) double spikes LKingRalf399 credits
Mu Derivable Spiked HoopMeshedUp318 credits
(kr) double spike chokerKingRalf390 credits
*TS* DER. BR. LEFTTiaraStone366 credits
[apj] derv armband l Lapjanah363 credits
[apj] derv armband l Rapjanah363 credits
(kr) überwild chokerKingRalf435 credits
Dragon Back Spikes FemalDreamWeaver1426 credits
Mu Derive Spiked CollarMeshedUp318 credits
Shiny Silver Dragon SpikDreamWeaver1818 credits
Mu Derive Nose Rings FMeshedUp318 credits
*TS* DER. CHOKERTiaraStone376 credits
*TS* DER. BRACELET DUO LTiaraStone376 credits
[apj] anklet derivableapjanah363 credits
ASMS: Derivable Collar FDevXs376 credits
ASMS:Deriv Collar V2 FDevXs376 credits
!@ bracelet + 5 ringsBruttoAssassino576 credits
(kr) überwild bracelet LKingRalf408 credits
(kr) überwild bracelet RKingRalf408 credits
*TS* DER. BELLY PIERCINGTiaraStone366 credits
BT|Palarie featherBlatutis426 credits
BT|Palarie butterflyBlatutis426 credits
*TS* DER. PIECINGTiaraStone366 credits
*TS* DER. EAR. OPACITYTiaraStone366 credits
*TS* DER. NECKLACETiaraStone366 credits
(kr) überwild anklet LKingRalf408 credits
(kr) überwild anklet RKingRalf408 credits
!@ Retractable cane FBruttoAssassino526 credits
!@ Grape earringsBruttoAssassino526 credits
*az* rearrings rebellANDZELICA426 credits
QE necklaces *deriv. v.2Erotique363 credits
[xo]geo arm bandxolollieox376 credits
[xo]geo chokerxolollieox376 credits
[xo]geo trio braceletxolollieox376 credits
JyH Derivable BraceletsJimyH476 credits
[T] 2 Heart Ring DaintyTidy526 credits
!@ Retractable FangsBruttoAssassino576 credits
(kr) easydev chokerKingRalf381 credits
(kr) easydev l braceletKingRalf381 credits
(kr) easydev r braceletKingRalf381 credits
(kr) easydev l ankletKingRalf381 credits
(kr) easydev r ankletKingRalf381 credits
(kr) easydev bodyjewelsKingRalf381 credits
(kr) easydev bellychainKingRalf381 credits
JyH BracialetDerivable LJimyH476 credits
[apj] anklet derivable Lapjanah363 credits
(kr) ring chokerKingRalf408 credits
QE 3x nose piercing ringErotique363 credits
+Lolita hair+ V1Pharmacist477 credits
+Lolita Hair+ V4Pharmacist477 credits
+Lolita Hair+ V5Pharmacist477 credits
!@ Apple earrings anim.BruttoAssassino536 credits
! Gold Earring Derivablevendettaq345 credits
BT|Martysha earringsBlatutis426 credits
[T] Lush Hearts RingTidy526 credits
H79 Ani Sparklr HeadbandHarley1979401 credits
[T] Lush Wedding BandTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Diamond RingTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Opacity RingTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Birth Stone RngTidy476 credits
(kr) cross diamond necklKingRalf390 credits
(kr) diamond wristband LKingRalf390 credits
(kr) diamond wristband RKingRalf390 credits
[L]DM Tramp Stamp Tattoolowdmyster404 credits
[T] Lush Coffin RingTidy476 credits
QE Any Skin Neck TattooErotique363 credits
Derivable HeadSign 2SimpleDev363 credits
QE Noodles derivableErotique363 credits
QE Mixed ear piercingsErotique363 credits
ASMS:Derivable EarringsDevXs376 credits
*az*attitude earringsANDZELICA376 credits
R™Der. Security Card FemRepublic544 credits
[ART] Ring Mesh L MF DHArtaras350 credits
*az*galaxy hatANDZELICA426 credits
[GB] Dev Scuba GogglesGamerBaby364 credits
*TS* DER. BRACE OPACITYTiaraStone376 credits
*TS* DER. BRACE OPACITYTiaraStone376 credits
*TS* DER. EARRINGS OPTiaraStone376 credits
*TS* DER. CHOKER OPTiaraStone376 credits
EV Derive Septum Ring FEV341 credits
Mu Derive hoops EarringsMeshedUp318 credits
Mu Derive Book in HandMeshedUp318 credits
[GB] Derivable NecklaceGamerBaby364 credits
QE Mixed bangle derivablErotique363 credits
*HJ* FMG.EarHujimusume364 credits
Charm BraceletCassiopeia400 credits
R l Derivable BangleREA427 credits
FSx} PlainCollarDerivablfudgestix296 credits
FSx} HighSkirtDerivablefudgestix376 credits
[apj] derivable Tiaraapjanah363 credits
FSx} Derivable BowCollarfudgestix376 credits
Collar Lock Female [T]Tidy476 credits
-AI- 10pc. Jewelry [DEV]inkhana326 credits
*S™Dervable Nose Stud RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Dervable Nose Stud LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Bangle LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Bangle RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable EarringsSinFobia363 credits
*S™Twister NecklaceSinFobia363 credits
*S™Septum ring+angelbiteSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Belly DownSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Belly UpSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Belly RightSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable Belly LeftSinFobia363 credits
*S™Dainty Index Ring LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Rubber NecklaceSinFobia363 credits
*S™Helix EarringsSinFobia363 credits
*S™Twister Anklet LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Twister Anklet RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Labret Plug XXLSinFobia363 credits
*S™Anime Bracelet RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Anime Bracelet LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Power Balance RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Power Balance LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Decolletage BlingsSinFobia363 credits
!!Grand Circle Earringsvendettaq314 credits
!!Drops Earrings Drvblvendettaq314 credits
!!S Derivable Earringsvendettaq314 credits
!!Zigzag Earrings Drvblvendettaq314 credits
!!Donut Earringsvendettaq314 credits
!!3 Square Earringsvendettaq314 credits
!!Drops Necklace Dervblvendettaq314 credits
!!Zigzag Necklaces DrvblMeshmax314 credits
*S™Twister Bracelet RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Twister Bracelet LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Twister Armand LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Twister Armand RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Dainty Index Ring RtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Derivable SnakebitesSinFobia363 credits
[M] Misaki Head DeriveMiha476 credits
[M] Alina Head DeriveMiha476 credits
[M] Leena Head DeriveMiha376 credits
[T] Lush Hearts Ring RTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Diamond Ring RTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Band RightTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Opacity Ring RTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Coffin Ring RTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Wedding Set RTidy476 credits
[T] Lush Wedding Set LTidy476 credits
Collar Lock Male [T]Tidy475 credits
Collar Back Lock FemTidy476 credits
Collar Back Chain Fem [TTidy476 credits
Collar Front Chain F [T]Tidy476 credits
Illusionist Locket [F]BioVision909 credits
Wicked Ears Mesh [FT]FTTwitch575 credits
*HJ* FJK.EyelashesDRHujimusume327 credits
*S™Pearl bracelet LtSinFobia363 credits
S™Pearl bracelet RtSinFobia363 credits
S™Circles bracelet RtSinFobia363 credits
S™Circles bracelet LtSinFobia363 credits
*S™Cheekbones Piercing LSinFobia363 credits
*S™Cheekbones Piercing RSinFobia363 credits
*S™Jewel bracelet *LtSinFobia363 credits
S™Jewel bracelet *RtSinFobia363 credits
MU Dev MUSE Fit piercingMeshedUp350 credits
*HJ* FJK.EyelashesGingerHujimusume327 credits
*HJ* FJK.EyelashesAZNHujimusume327 credits
S™Derivable EarringsSinFobia363 credits
[K] Arm warmer R drvKuroi001376 credits
[K] Arm warmer L drvKuroi001376 credits
Mu Derive Neck collarMeshedUp318 credits
[VC] 3D Earings MESHVinceCamorra469 credits
Tramp Stamp Gems [T]Tidy526 credits
[K] Thick 3D necklaceKuroi001376 credits
[K] Scene Necklace devKuroi001376 credits
*S™Earrings_necklaceSinFobia363 credits
[GB] Dev Heram ShadesGamerBaby364 credits
*S™Dervabl dainty ring LSinFobia363 credits
[DC] Flowers Diademdcdani376 credits
[kid] derivable bagkiddykitten326 credits
*S™Dervabl dainty ring RSinFobia363 credits
[K]derivable 3D earringsKuroi001376 credits
*S™Dervabl stud bangle LSinFobia363 credits
*S™Dervabl stud bangle RSinFobia363 credits
*S™Corset Back Bling drvSinFobia363 credits
[K] belt + thick buckleKuroi001376 credits
[GB] Derivable GemBrowsGamerBaby364 credits
(D)Left Banglesdaralyth379 credits
(D)Derivable Bangles Rdaralyth379 credits
[ART] Earrings Thick B FArtaras385 credits
^MQ^ SNOWFLAKE ^NL^MeshQueen504 credits
Peace and love armbandjdadid364 credits
Notification Derivablealiaza400 credits
*HJ* FKK.Earrings.drvHujimusume354 credits
*HJ* FKK.Necklace.drvHujimusume354 credits
*HJ* FKK.AnkletRight.drvHujimusume354 credits
*HJ* FKK.AnkletLeft.drvHujimusume354 credits
Muse Chest Jewelry [T]Tidy454 credits
evil sword femalejdadid704 credits
!!SheWave Earrings DrvblMeshmax350 credits
BBW Chest Jewelry [T]Tidy454 credits
BBW Opacity Necklace [T]Tidy454 credits
[VC] Candycane EaringsVinceCamorra454 credits
*S™Derivable heart hoopsSinFobia400 credits
*S™Deriv. heart necklaceSinFobia400 credits
*S™Dervable nose rings RSinFobia400 credits
*S™Dervable nose rings LSinFobia400 credits
*S™Lower back blings drvSinFobia400 credits
*S™Derivable hip blingsSinFobia400 credits
*S™Cavicle piercing drvSinFobia400 credits
*S™Shoulder piercing drvSinFobia400 credits
*S™Derivable spire hoopsSinFobia400 credits
*S™Deriv. spire necklaceSinFobia400 credits
*S™Septum nose ring XXLSinFobia400 credits
*S™Piercing necklace drvSinFobia400 credits
*S™Ear rings XXL drv LtSinFobia400 credits
*S™Daith piercing drv LtSinFobia400 credits
*S™Ear rings derivable LSinFobia400 credits
*S™Ear rings XXL drv RtSinFobia400 credits
*S™Deriv. collier doubleSinFobia400 credits
*S™Daith piercing drv RtSinFobia400 credits
*S™Derivable collierSinFobia400 credits
*S™Ear rings derivable RSinFobia400 credits
[DC] Sunglasses 2k11dcdani404 credits
(D)Derivable Shadesdaralyth374 credits
(JUD) Earrings DerivableJuddy404 credits
*S™Jewel chockerSinFobia400 credits
[VC] Sunglasses Mesh 1VinceCamorra404 credits
[VC] Sunglasses Mesh 2VinceCamorra404 credits
*S™Dainty feet nails drvSinFobia400 credits
[VC] Passion EaringsVinceCamorra384 credits
Coffin Knuckle Ring R [TTidy454 credits
Opacity Knuckle Ring R TTidy454 credits
Lush Layered Ring L [T]Tidy454 credits
Lush SM Diamond Ring L TTidy454 credits
*S™Venetian masque drvSinFobia400 credits
*S™Carnival masque drvSinFobia400 credits
KZ_Wayfarer_Wkazemuki491 credits
Sexy Dance 1 Trig [T]Tidy604 credits
!!Apple Earrings DrvblMeshmax341 credits
!! Derivable EarringsMeshmax350 credits
!! 5 Derivable EarringsMeshmax364 credits
Derivable 5 Mat EarringsL0LiTA364 credits
Thick Necklace DerivableMeshmax364 credits
Neck CollarSign404 credits
Jail Three BallsSign404 credits
[V] Valentine *R* ROSEVERORY486 credits
Derivable Bracelet LSign404 credits
[xo]daintyhand ring meshxolollieox404 credits
*S™Derivable ear blingsLSinFobia400 credits
*S™Derivable ear blingsRSinFobia400 credits
*S™Derivable conch studLSinFobia400 credits
*S™Derivable conch studRSinFobia400 credits
Derivable earringsPWWR359 credits
Coffin Necklace [T]Tidy554 credits
EX | EarRing LoopsExclusiv604 credits
Derivable Hair Butterflycandylovesflower554 credits
(D)Deriv. Thick Earringsdaralyth374 credits
[s] Silver Heart EaringsSorcerersLight662 credits
[s] Love EarringsSorcerersLight662 credits
[s] Love Earrings IISorcerersLight662 credits
[s] Silver Star EarringsSorcerersLight662 credits
[s] Blue Diamond CrownSorcerersLight1079 credits
[s] Gold EarringsSorcerersLight879 credits
[s] Gold Pearl EarringsSorcerersLight864 credits
[s] Pyramid Diamond !E!SorcerersLight854 credits
[s] Gold FlashPower NeckSorcerersLight854 credits
Mu Derive Cross ChokerMeshedUp350 credits
Sexy Dance 2 Trig [T]Tidy579 credits
Canary NecklaceUneekDesigns499 credits
{®} DerLfArmBandRealitalianman545 credits
Deriv. Steampunk Hat FemTrakahanTiTeutonia653 credits
{®} DerRtArmBandRealitalianman545 credits
{®} DerNeckBandRealitalianman545 credits
Steampunk Heart NecklaceTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
Steampunk Heart earringsTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
Steampunk Heart RingTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
Steampunk Heart piercingTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
Steampunk Heart BraceletTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
!M! Derivable earrings!Multigasm359 credits
M! dollbox I M+f DERIV.medeyax352 credits
[GB] Dev MouthCassette FGamerBaby386 credits
Anime Head Drop Left FTrakahanTiTeutonia454 credits
Anime Head Drop Right FTrakahanTiTeutonia454 credits
Steampunk Heart Ear M-RTrakahanTiTeutonia503 credits
Steampunk Heart Ring MTrakahanTiTeutonia503 credits
Photo Necklace CoffinTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
Photo Necklace StarTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
Photo Necklace MoonTrakahanTiTeutonia504 credits
K~ Derivable 5 Horns FAkumaKai386 credits
K~ Derivable Horns FAkumaKai386 credits
HAND OF FATIMAWaTiBeE404 credits
Muse Belly Piercing [T]Tidy454 credits
BT|Rafaela -=3=-Blatutis454 credits
!R Wearable Explosion Drruckiteer363 credits
[VC] 3D Necklace MeshVinceCamorra404 credits
!R Mini Firework derivblruckiteer408 credits
Channel Set Collar [T]Tidy454 credits
Channel Set Bracelet RTTidy454 credits
Channel Set Bracelet LFTidy454 credits
Channel Set Earrings [T]Tidy454 credits
LW - 3 Roses Both SidesLovedWarrior554 credits
LW - 3 Roses Both SidesLovedWarrior554 credits
LW- 3 Roses LeftLovedWarrior474 credits
LW- 3 Roses L FarLovedWarrior474 credits
LW 3 Roses R CloseLovedWarrior474 credits
LW- 3 Roses R FarLovedWarrior474 credits
LW- 2 Roses Both Sides FLovedWarrior504 credits
LW- 2 Roses Both Sides CLovedWarrior474 credits
LW- 2 Roses Right FLovedWarrior474 credits
LW - 1 Rose Front RightLovedWarrior484 credits
LW- 1 Rose L CloseLovedWarrior474 credits
LW- 1 Rose Left farLovedWarrior474 credits
LW- 1 Rose Right FarLovedWarrior474 credits
LW- 2 Roses L farLovedWarrior474 credits
LW - Crown of Roses HighLovedWarrior484 credits
LW- Crown of Roses LowerLovedWarrior484 credits
LW- Crown of Roses HalfLovedWarrior504 credits
Lush Thumb Ring RT [T]Tidy454 credits
Lush Thumb Ring LF [T]Tidy454 credits
[DM] Yuna Microphone DevDivineMaiden504 credits
[COL]HOT!sunglasscolorht414 credits
[VC] Bangels Mesh (R)VinceCamorra384 credits
[VC] Bangels Mesh (L)VinceCamorra384 credits
(dp) Derive Bangles Leftdreampanther354 credits
(dp) Derive Bangles Righdreampanther354 credits
[VC] Easy Glasses Mesh FVinceCamorra384 credits
[VC] Glasses Mesh FemaleVinceCamorra384 credits
[VC] Armband Femal RightVinceCamorra384 credits
[VC] Armband Femal LeftVinceCamorra384 credits
[VC] Necklace Mesh (F)VinceCamorra404 credits
[VC] Easy Ring MeshVinceCamorra364 credits
(RR)Ch-ocker MeshMrRealRockon404 credits
earrings meshMrRealRockon404 credits
~D~ Feather Hat V2Delure404 credits
eSo DerivabLe BraCeLeTeSo454 credits
FSx} Emmaline Hatfudgestix404 credits
[Pup] Ear Piercing MeshPuppy504 credits
[COL] Head phonecolorht414 credits
LW- Lily Double Brclt RLovedWarrior524 credits
LW - Lily Anklet SmallLovedWarrior424 credits
LW- Anklet LeftLovedWarrior524 credits
LW- Anklet RightLovedWarrior524 credits
[Pup] Baby Ears (Drv)Puppy404 credits
Sparkle Garter diamondWaTiBeE454 credits
Derivable anklets RIGHTWaTiBeE314 credits
!PoE! Crown Derivable MPrincessofErised504 credits
[GB] Dev-F MasquaradeGamerBaby409 credits
[Pup] Jack Ears (Drv)Puppy464 credits
[Pup] Jack Tail (Drv)Puppy464 credits
Sexy Dance 3 Trig [T]Tidy604 credits
Sexy Dance 4 Trig [T]Tidy604 credits
Sexy Dance 5 Trig [T]Tidy604 credits
Sexy Dance 6 Trig [T]Tidy604 credits
K~ Derivable MiniHorns FAkumaKai386 credits
[Pup] Clock Necklace DrvPuppy404 credits
[Pup] Cup Necklace DrvPuppy404 credits
K~ Dev LipChain Spider FAkumaKai386 credits
[Pup] Pancake EarsPuppy404 credits
[DC] Cute wingsdcdani454 credits
[DC] Animated Earrings Adcdani454 credits
[Pup] Bow Bunny Ears DrvPuppy464 credits
[Pup] Bunny Tail DrvPuppy464 credits
[DC] Animated Necklace Adcdani454 credits
[DC] Mercury Wings (L)dcdani404 credits
[DC] Mercury Wings (R)dcdani404 credits
[Pup] Head Bow (Drv)Puppy404 credits
[Pup] Bow Collar (Drv)Puppy404 credits
[DC] Cute Demon Wingsdcdani454 credits
[Pup] Wrist Bows (Drv)Puppy404 credits
[Pup] Feet Bows (Drv)Puppy404 credits
[Pup] Ring (Drv)Puppy404 credits
H4K Basic Collar Derivehot4krissy386 credits
H4K Wire Lock Collarhot4krissy432 credits
[DM] Cute BackpackDivineMaiden354 credits
2 Buds 1 Rose Brooch LLovedWarrior524 credits
1 Lily Brooch LLovedWarrior454 credits
Rose for Left CollarLovedWarrior454 credits
Rose Brooch Left5LovedWarrior454 credits
Rose Brooch Right 2LovedWarrior454 credits
!K! HeadSign Mesh (Fem)LadyKikiGaki395 credits
[Pup] Sweet Ears (DRV)Puppy404 credits
3 Roses BroochLovedWarrior454 credits
3 Rose Brooch RLovedWarrior454 credits
[Pup] Side Ears (DRV)Puppy404 credits
wrist corsage 1LovedWarrior454 credits
BustLine RosesLovedWarrior454 credits
Wrist Corsage 2 RLovedWarrior454 credits
[Pup] Jester Hat (DRV)Puppy404 credits
Roses on Right HipLovedWarrior454 credits
Wrist Corsage LeftLovedWarrior454 credits
Rose Brooch R2 - ClotingLovedWarrior434 credits
Sparkle Cloud Belt BlueJ4SM1N3504 credits
Magical Flower VeilJ4SM1N3454 credits
[Pup] Whiskers (DRV)Puppy404 credits
[DM] Anya Necklace DerivDivineMaiden354 credits
[Pup] Side Ears (DRV)Puppy404 credits
!K! Jeweled Collar (dev)LadyKikiGaki404 credits
Petal ShowerJ4SM1N3504 credits
[Pup] Pierced Ears (DRV)Puppy454 credits
[Pup] Balloon Tail (DRV)Puppy404 credits
Aqua Glow NecklaceJ4SM1N3504 credits
[DM] Perfume Bottle DevDivineMaiden404 credits
Jasmine Mist FragranceJ4SM1N3545 credits
[MJA] Predator helmet deMJAInc414 credits
[MJA] Royal Crown derivaMJAInc415 credits
K~ Drv.MuzzleSnakebitesFKaybi364 credits
[MJA] Royal Crown V2.0 dMJAInc415 credits
*HJ* FAB.EyelashesHujimusume477 credits
[Pup] Rave Ears (DRV)Puppy404 credits
[DM] Pince-nez SpectacleDivineMaiden111415 credits
[Pup] Big Horns (DRV)Puppy404 credits
K~ Drv. Round Gem FKaybi404 credits
K~ Drv. Oval Gem FKaybi404 credits
Steampunk Nurph Gun [F]totalindividual363 credits
F Steampunk Jetpacktotalindividual363 credits
[W] Makup +Lashes V3meshwiiing505 credits
[Pup] Whiskers 2 (DRV) FPuppy404 credits
[GB] Dev BM Fanny PackGamerBaby364 credits
[PBM] Double Medium Hoopplayboymommy354 credits
K~ Drv. Bead Collar FKaybi459 credits
!K! Dark Layerable ScarfLadyKikiGaki713 credits
*M* Derivable Necklace Fmolenas1304 credits
-D- Derive Muzzle bridgeLune559 credits
[MP] Mini skirtmaspc464 credits
K~ Drv.Muzzle NoseRing FKaybi459 credits
K~ Drv.MuzzleNoseSphereFKaybi459 credits
!K! Diary + Poses MeshLadyKikiGaki404 credits
Bell Collar [Drv] [F]Bats453 credits
Female Armband Left handMrRealRockon353 credits
Female Armband RightHandMrRealRockon353 credits
^MQ^ STREAM ^B^MeshQueen623 credits
female ring meshMrRealRockon404 credits
Female Necklace MeshMrRealRockon403 credits
[GB] Dev Walkman FGamerBaby454 credits
K~ Drv. Elbow Spikes FKaybi459 credits
K~ Drv. Digi Spikes FKaybi459 credits
bIT Dark Lolita Braceletbitcisneros544 credits
bIT Lolita Braceletbitcisneros544 credits
[3D]*Dev* LipRing V3 |FEpic3D382 credits
[DM] 3D Glaive MeshDivineMaiden504 credits
Lily add on both sidesLovedWarrior413 credits
[3D]*Dev* CL Necklace V6Epic3D454 credits
primroses hairflowerLovedWarrior424 credits
primrose big rightLovedWarrior454 credits
[DM] Chain Necklace MeshDivineMaiden334 credits
! Dervible Anyskn Elf ErPredator534 credits
floral earrings L/RLovedWarrior464 credits
rose earring + diamondsLovedWarrior474 credits
rose + diamonds biggerLovedWarrior474 credits
2 rose earringsLovedWarrior474 credits
2 forgetmenot flowersLovedWarrior474 credits
Leaf earrings 1LovedWarrior474 credits
Leaf earrings 2LovedWarrior474 credits
Petal EarringsLovedWarrior474 credits
forgetmenot + leafLovedWarrior474 credits
forgetmenot 2 layersLovedWarrior474 credits
forgetmenot 2 layers bigLovedWarrior474 credits
^MQ^ YAMA ^BP^MeshQueen629 credits
[3D]*Dev* L Necklace V2Epic3D409 credits
[D]Derivable ChinPlug2Dennis454 credits
Drv_SetJewellery [SoF]llSoFll334 credits
DRV_Necklace N EarringsllSoFll334 credits
Drv_WeddingSetBanglesL&RllSoFll334 credits
Derivable HornsJamo407 credits
Derivable Feather WingsJamo407 credits
[3D]*Dev* Lip Gloss V1Epic3D382 credits
[DM] Kyo Headdress MeshDivineMaiden379 credits
Derivable Leafy HeadBandJamo408 credits
Nyan Cat Cheek TapeIINyanCatII605 credits
Primrose + ChokerLovedWarrior484 credits
Earrings + ChokerLovedWarrior479 credits
floral chokerLovedWarrior454 credits
Mesh- Cute Star EarringsJamo408 credits
Mesh- Cute Star NecklaceJamo408 credits
Mesh- Cute Star BraceletJamo408 credits
!K! Spiked Earrings MeshKii364 credits
[3D]*Dev* Mouth Chain V1Epic3D409 credits
[3D]*Dev*Lip Ear Chain FEpic3D409 credits
Hair bow 2LovedWarrior364 credits
lotus earringsLovedWarrior454 credits
hair bow and lilyLovedWarrior454 credits
pansy necklaceLovedWarrior454 credits
3 pansy hair flowersLovedWarrior454 credits
Pansy hair flower RightLovedWarrior454 credits
Pansy EarringsLovedWarrior454 credits
Pansy Earrings + ChokerLovedWarrior464 credits
Pansy jewelry setLovedWarrior474 credits
Pansy bangle rightLovedWarrior454 credits
Pansy bangle leftLovedWarrior454 credits
~Z~ Stars AntennaeZira404 credits
Lotus bud earringsLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus EarringsLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus necklace / chokerLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus earrings + chokerLovedWarrior474 credits
Lotus jewelry setLovedWarrior474 credits
Lotus BroochLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus hair flower LLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus hair flowers RLovedWarrior424 credits
Lotus hair flowers L RLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus necklace w/ leafLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus earrings bigLovedWarrior454 credits
lotus earrings farLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus necklaceLovedWarrior454 credits
*HJ* Purse01Hujimusume454 credits
Lotus hairflower L farLovedWarrior454 credits
Lotus hairflower R farLovedWarrior424 credits
Cherokee Rose LeftLovedWarrior454 credits
Cherokee Rose Left FarLovedWarrior454 credits
bleeding hearts crownLovedWarrior454 credits
BleedingHearts earringLovedWarrior454 credits
bleeding hearts chokerLovedWarrior454 credits
Cherokee rose rightLovedWarrior454 credits
Cherokee rose R farLovedWarrior454 credits
Cherokee rose crownLovedWarrior454 credits
Cherokee rose beltLovedWarrior454 credits
Sparkle SkirtLovedWarrior604 credits
Spiders attachmentLovedWarrior624 credits
Particle Jacket for clubLovedWarrior604 credits
butterflies attachmentLovedWarrior474 credits
~D~ Freedom BombDelure454 credits
~D~ Freedom FlagDelure454 credits
~D~ Freedom CrateDelure454 credits